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Note; Answer (3) questions in all at least one question from each section.

A – Measuring tape
B – Gunter’s chain
C – Ranging pole
D – Peg

(i) All chains must be properly alligned before taking measurements
(ii) Ensure the chain is not faulty before use
(iii) Ensure the chain is well greased while using

Specimen A
(i) It is use for taking measurement of length and breadth
(ii) It is used for taking measurement of height

Specimen B
(i) It is used to mark points which must be seen from a distance
(ii) It is used to set out straight lines

Specimen C
(i) They are used to mark out boundaries
(ii) They are used to indicate point,and positions of a site

(i) The diameter of C is more than that if D
(ii) C is longer than D

E – Sandy soil
F – Urea fertilizer

(i) It is brownish in colour
(ii) It is fine and coarse

(i) Addition of compost manure
(ii) Addition of fertilizer
(iii) Avoidance of grazing on it

(i) By placing it around the trees
(ii) By using hand to place it between the rows of the crops

(i) It causes damage to the crop
(ii) It increases the toxicity if the soil affecting plant growth

It is about 2.0mm – 0.05mm

(i) Do not apply F in excess to avoid increasing the acidity of the soil
(ii) Do not use in excess so as not to affect the activities of soil organism

(iii) Carefully use F on E to avoid the increasing the toxicity of E

G – Paddy rice
H – Cassava tuber
I – Palm fruit

Specimen G
(i) Cleaning
(ii) Hulling
(iii) Milling

Specimen H
(i) Tuber reception
(ii) Cleaning and peeling
(iii) Grinding

Specimen I
(i) Sterilization
(ii) Threshing
(iii) Pressing

(i) Weeding
(ii) Fertilizer application
(iii) Supplying

J – Fresh milk
K – Egg
L – Hides and skin

(i) Clean the equipment to be used before using
(ii) Clean the animal properly

(i) Sokoto Gudali
(ii) White Fulani

(i) Temperature
(ii) Ventilation
(iii) Humidity
(iv) Turning

(i) Soaking
(ii) Liming
(iii) Removal of extraneous tissues



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  • SPECIMEN A – Measuring tape
  • SPECIMEN B – Gunters chain
  • SPECIMEN C – Ranging pole
  • SPECIMEN D – Peg
  • SPECIMEN E – Sandy soil
  • SPECIMEN F – Urea fertilizer
  • SPECIMEN G – Paddy rice
  • SPECIMEN H – Cassava tuber
  • SPECIMEN I – Palm fruit
  • SPECIMEN J – Fresh milk
  • SPECIMEN K – Egg
  • SPECIMEN L – Hides and skin
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