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Wassce 2021 Official Trials: Waec 2021 Questions and Answers

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WASSCE 2021 OFFICIAL TRIALS: Waec 2021 Questions and Answers



The sum of the 2nd and 5th terms of an arithmetic progression (AP) is 42. If the difference between the 6th and 3rd term is 12, find the

(i) Common difference

(ii) first term

(iii) 20th term.





Tn=a+(n−1)d (for an arithmetic progression).

Given: T2+T5=42




(i) T6=a+5d;T3=a+2d


(ii) 2a+5d=42⟹2a+5(4)=42



(iii) T20=a+19d

= 11+19(4)

= 87


☆Ordinary salt ➠ NaCl
✶ baking soda ➠ NaHCO₃
✶ Wash the soda ➠ Na₂CO₃ · 10H₂O
✶ Caustic soda ➠ NaOH
✶ Suhga ➠ Na₂B₄O₇ · 10H₂O.
✶ alum➠ K₂SO₄ · Al₂ (SO₄) ₃ · 24H₂O
✶ red medicine ➠ KMnO₄
✶ Caustic potash ➠ KOH
✶ Shura ➠ KNO₃
✶ Bleach bleaching ➠ Ca (OCl) · Cl
✶ Lime water ➠ Ca (OH) ₂
✶ Gypsum ➠ CaSO₄ · 2H₂O
✶ Plaster of Paris➠ CaSO₄ · ½H₂O
✶ Choke ➠ CaCO₃
✶ limestone ➠ CaCO₃
✶ marble ➠ CaCO₃
✶ Salon ➠ NH₄Cl
✶ Laughing gas ➠ N₂O
✶ Litharge ➠ PbO
✶ Galena ➠ PbS
✶ red vermilion ➠ Pb₃O₄
✶ white lead ➠2PbCO₃ · Pb (OH) ₂
✶ salt acid ➠ HCl
✶ Shure Acid ➠ HNO₃
✶ Acarus ➠ HNO₃ + HCl (1: 3)
✶ dry ice ➠ CO₂
✶ green clasp ➠ FeSO₄ · 7H₂O
✶ Horn Silver ➠ AgCl
✶ heavy water ➠ D₂O
✶ Producer gas ➠ CO + N₂
✶ vinegar ➠ CH₃COOH
✶ gamaxine ➠ C₆H₆Cl₆
✶ Blue Kassis ➠ CuSO₄ · 5H₂O
✶ alcohol ➠ C₂H₅OH
✶ Manda ➠ C₆H₁₀O₅
✶ Grapes juice ➠ C₆H₁₂O₆
✶ Chinese ➠ C₁₂H₂₂O₁₁
✶ Urea ➠ NH₂CONH₂
✶ benzene ➠ C₆H₆
✶ turpentine oil ➠ C₁₀H₁₆.

Food And Nutrition Trails

1. Explain five factors that influence the formation of food habits.

2. (a) State two differences between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

(b) State four functions of beverages in a diet.

(c) State the principle underlying tea preparation.

3. (a) Outline two uses of napkins at the table.

(b) Itemize two examples of flatware.

(c) Give three differences between cocktail and buffet services.

4. (a) Sketch and label two types of kitchen layout.

(b) State three rules for maintaining kitchen hygiene.

(c) State three advantages of a well-planned kitchen.

5. (a) Distinguish between food preparation and cooking.

(b) State three reasons for cooking food.

(c) State five factors to be considered when choosing a method of cooking.
6. (a) What are preservatives?

(b) State five ways of serving fruits.

(c) State three factors that can affect the drying of food items.


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it.

Have you ever considered the vast differences between the conventional desktop telephone and the modern handset telephone? The desktop telephone has one distinct function: that of making and receiving calls. Apart from that, perhaps the other use is aesthetic — adding some beauty to the furniture pieces in the room. The conventional telephone set was a status symbol, as only the rich and highly privileged could afford it.

To obtain it, one had to fill many forms and have three well known citizens to attest to one’s sterling qualities as a highly responsible member of the society. Then, after paying several fees, one had to wait for several months before the telecommunications department officials would come to install the wires, in order to get one’s set connected to the national grid. After that, the applicant might count himself among the privileged ones in the community. But he must not heave a sigh of relief yet: his problem may just be beginning. The inclement weather may remind him that his use of the facility is at its mercy. A rainstorm or even a strong wind can destroy some of the wire-bearing poles, thus cutting him off from other telephone users. Besides, a vehicular accident may knock down a pole or several of them. It is not even uncommon for termites to render wooden poles useless. Finally, there are the problems of the communications department officials who are noted for bringing bills late, and cutting off wires for failure to pay up promptly. Most often, the bills bear little resemblance to actual consumption. Thus, the telephone is not always there at one s service.

Like the conventional desktop telephone set, the handset has the primary function of making and receiving calls. Beyond that, there are vast differences between them. To begin with, the small handset is not much of a status symbol now. It is very easy to carry about and it can be used everywhere by all and sundry. The telephone service providers have flooded the market with lines at very low prices, such that most users can boast of two or more lines. Gone are the days when one had to apply for a set and wait for months. Today, all that it takes is to purchase the handset, which could be very cheap or very costly depending on one’s preferences and purse. Once it is purchased, its user could have access to dozens of functions. Apart from making and receiving calls, one could send text messages and receive responses within minutes. The set could be used to take pictures which could be as clear as any taken with a professional camera. One could also connect to the internet to read newspapers and send mails. Besides, the set could be used to store songs; it could also be used as a radio receiver. One could use the handset to programme schedules of activities. The reliable timepiece on it could be used as a watch. Young ones play games on their handsets and store pictures of loved ones on them.

However, with all these advantages, the handset has one obvious shortcoming: it can easily be lost or stolen. This is where the conventional desktop telephone is not vulnerable.

(a) In three sentences, one for each, summarize the problems associated with owning the desktop telephone.

(b) In three sentences, one for each, summarize the advantages which the handset telephone has over the desktop telephone

CRS Trail

1 a) Highlight Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the temple.
b) Highlight the religious ideas that can be derived from the prayer.
2 a) Examine the role played by Nehemiah in the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem.
b) What three lessons can be learnt from Nehemiah’s leadership?
3 a) Give an account of the persecution suffered by Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego
b) What three lessons can be learnt from their experience?
4 a) Discuss Hosea’s marriage with Gomer.
b) Draw out three virtues of Hosea which are worthy or emulation.

Financial Accounting Trails
Theory Questions:
1. (a) Distinguish between reserves and provisions
(b) Explain the following giving one example in each case:
(i) Depreciation;
(ii) Depletion;
(iii) Amortization.
2. (a) What is value added tax?
(b) Distinguish between input vat and output vat.
(c) State four features of Value Added Tax.
3. Explain the following terms as they are used in contract accounts:
(a) Notional profit;
(b) Retention money;
(c) Progress payments;
(d) Work certified;
(e) Work-in-progress.

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