2021 Neco Chemistry Practical Answers

Neco 2021 Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers, Neco Gce 2021 Chemistry Practical Answers, Neco Chemistry Practical Answers 2021 NECO CHEMISTRY PRACTICAL EXPO IS DONE AND DUSTED FOR MY SUBSCRIBERS ✅✅💯 DM ME NOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN IT I REMAIN THE BEST ✅✅💯 Neco Chemistry Practical Specimen 2021 Neco Chemistry Practical 2022 Neco Chemistry Practical 2021 Date Neco Chemistry Question 2021 Neco Physics Practical 2021 Neco Timetable 2021 Wednesday 14th July 2021 Paper I: Practical – Chemistry 10:00am – 12:00noon ============================ CHEMISTRY PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY-PRACTICAL (1a) Tabulate Volume of pipette used=25cm3. Indicator used= Methyl orange Under Titration, Rough, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Final burette reading; |25.00| |23.40| |23.50| 23.60| Initial burette reading; |0.00| |0.00| |0.00| |0.00| Volume of A used; |25.00| |23.40| |23.50| |23.60| (1ai) Average volume of Acid used=23.40+23.50+23.60/3 =70.5/3=23.50cm3 (1aii) This is because it is a reaction between a weak acid and strong base (1aiii) A funnel should be used while transferring the acid into the burette. (1bi) Conc of A in mol|dm³ =? Conc of A in g|dm³ = 12.75g|dm³ Molar mass of A, NaHSO⁴ = 23+1+32+64 =120g|dm³ From. Conc(mol/dm³) = conc(g/dm³)/molar mass Conc =12.75/120 Conc =0.106mol/dm³ (1bii) Con of B in mol/dm³ =? Ca =0.106, Cb =? Va =23.50cm³, Vb =25.00cm³ na=1 , nb=1 From; CaVa/CbVb=na/nb Cb=CaVanb/Vbna Cb=0.106*23*50*1/25.00*1 Cb=2.5/25 Cb=0.1mol/dm³ (1biii) Conc of B in g/dm³=? Molar mass of B , NaOH=23+16+1=40g/mol From; conc(g/dm³)=conc(mol/dm³)*molar mass =0.1*40 =4.0g/dm³ (1biv) Mass of salt formed =? Recall mole of NaHSO⁴=? From; mole =con(mol/dm³)*vol(cm³)/1000 Mole=0.106*23.50/1000 Mole=0.0025mol of NaHSO⁴ By proportion 1mol of NaHSO⁴ produce 1mol of Na²SO⁴ 0.0025mol of NaHSO⁴ will produce X mol of Na²SO⁴ X=0.0025*1=0.0025mol of NaSO⁴ Molar mass of Na²SO⁴=(23*2) + 32 + (16*4) =46+32+64 =142g/mol Recall; mole =mole/molar mass Mass =mole * molar mass Mass =0.0025*142 Mass =0.36g of Na²SO⁴ ==================================== (2a) TEST C + 5cm³ of distilled water OBSERVATION It dissolve completely INTERFERENCE C is a soluble salt (2bi) TEST Solution + NaOH + Heat OBSERVATION Effervescence occurs in which a colourless gas with pungent smell and turns red litmus paper to blue is given off. INFERENCES NH³ gas from NH⁴+ is present (2bii) TEST Stirring rod of HCL + gas given off OBSERVATION a gas which gives a pop sound is given off INFERENCES H² is present (2ci) TEST Solution C + drops of BaCL² OBSERVATION a white precipitate is formed INFERENCES CO²^-3, SO²^-4, SO²^-3, May be present. (2cii) TEST Solution in C(i) + dil HCL OBSERVATION the white precipitate dissolve is dil HCL and effervescence occurs in which a colourless and odourless gas which turns blue litmus red and lime water milky is given off INTERFERENCE CO² gas from CO²^3- confirmed ==================================== (3a) (i)Ca²+ (ii)Pb²+ (3bi) concentrated acid can be defined as an acid formed when a large quantity of an acid dissolve in a small or little volume of water. (3bii) A strong acid is defined as a type of acid that ionize completely in a solution (3c) Activated charcoal is used as an adsorbent material (3d) (i)Reddish – Brown (ii) I – red, II – brown. ==================================== Completed!. Promise Fulfilled.

NECO Chemistry Practical 2021 Questions & Answer

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