British Council Seeks Enhanced Collaboration with JAMB

In a bid to fortify the existing partnership between the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and the British Council, the esteemed UK-based international organization recently paid a courtesy visit to the National Headquarters of JAMB. The British Council, renowned for its role in fostering cultural relations and educational opportunities globally, expressed its commitment to strengthening ties with the Nigerian educational body.

The visit, led by the Director of Programmes at the British Council, Mr Chikodi Onyemerea, also included the presence of Mr Deep Adikhari, Director of Exams Nigeria, and Mr Akinola Oladunmoye, Senior Accounts Relationship Manager. The delegation conveyed gratitude to JAMB for nominating two of its staff members to participate in the Council’s upcoming conference scheduled for February 27th to 29th, 2024, in South Africa.

Mr Onyemerea emphasized that the annual conference serves as a platform to showcase the British Council’s global programs and activities, particularly for students exposed to the UK curriculum. The event aims to highlight best practices and create opportunities for networking and collaboration with other countries, facilitating the exchange of ideas and innovations in educational systems.

Addressing the issue of A ‘level results verification, Mr Onyemerea clarified the process involving two distinct entities: the recognizing organization, responsible for verifying the results, and the test centers where students take exams and receive their results. Within the framework of Cambridge A’ levels, he noted that while the test centers lack access to the verification platform, the recognizing body is provided with a password for secure access.

Acknowledging JAMB as a recognized organization, he highlighted that the Board has been granted access to the secured site for result verification. In response, the Registrar of JAMB assured the British Council delegation of the Board’s willingness to carry out necessary verifications. He mentioned specific directives for holders of 2018 results to independently verify them with the Council and present the outcomes to JAMB, as the Board does not have access to pre-2018 results.

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Emphasizing the historically cordial relationship between JAMB and the British Council, the Registrar expressed optimism about continued meaningful interactions between the two entities at various levels. Additionally, he informed the Council about the proposed training for JAMB staff on spoken and written English, aimed at enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

As the British Council and JAMB look forward to further collaboration, the strengthened ties between these organizations hold promise for the advancement of educational initiatives and cultural relations between Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

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