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You are required to answer only one question from this section. Your answer not be less than 450 words. All questions carry equal marks. You are advised to spend about 45 minutes on this section.


(1) 4, Johnson Street, Lord Crescent Close, Ikeja, Lagos State. 12 November, 2020.

Dear Sophia,
I received the news of your admission with great excitement. I am very glad you made the merit list; it shows you have been up and doing about your academic work. Dad was so impressed and full of praise for you when he called me on phone. I am aware you have started already. How are you doing? Hope you are coping?
I’d like to tell you a few things about the school. Firstly, you are lucky the school has moved to a new location which is nearer to the house. So you won’t have issues with transportation. As you may have seen already, the compound is very big enough to accommodate a standard sporting field. During exam period, I used to prefer there for reading because it is usually less crowded with no noise.
The school is very competitive. For instance, if a student failed either Mathematics or English, he or she would be promoted on trial, provided more than half of the other subjects were passed. Failing both key subjects is usually an outright repetition of that class. And when it occurs again, it will be expulsion. So, it is very important you maintain your academic tempo; and if possible, try to improve it because you will be studying with sound students from different academic backgrounds.
Secondly, I am proud of the caliber of teachers in that school – always willing to impart and are disciplined too. Always endeavour to listen in class and write only when it is time for writing. Ask questions for clarity. Any other issues you might have, chat me up via mummy’s WhatsApp line.
I wish you well in your academics. Try to be among the top ten. I hope to hear from you soon of your progress.
Take care!
Yours truly,
Your name


Good morning respected judges, my worthy opponents, My colleagues and audience , I (your name) hereby standing for the motion that says religious studies should be made compulsory for students in secondary schools and if I have your permission I would like to begin by defining religious studies. Religious studies also known as the study of religion , is an academic field devoted to research into religious beliefs, behaviors , and institutions. It describes, compares, interprets, and explains religion, emphasizing systematic, historically based, and cross-cultural perspectives.

From The above definition it is obvious that religious studies is of great important and should be made compulsory in secondary schools with The following points of mine.

Firstly, One of the most common importance of Religious teachings is that it helps students understand the place of various religions in our society. It helps them resolve the important questions of their own inner self and this understanding contributes to a more just and cohesive society.

Secondly, Religious education in any school should not simply be a subject making up a proportion of the taught curriculum. It needs to pervade the congenial environment in the school. Such an environment is not just good for the school but also for the society as a whole as well primarily because students are themselves the propagators of moral values and these are the values that are the most valued and cherished for the quality of relationships amongst the whole humanity. By listening and responding to stories from religious traditions, students are assimilating it as part of their personal, social and emotional development. They have opportunities to take part in celebrations and special events whilst using their understanding in communication, language and literacy. Utilising artefacts, music, stories and art from varying cultures helps them in increasing their knowledge and understanding of the world increases as they ask questions about religion, culture and worship and develop attitudes of curiosity and respect.

Thirdly, It introduces students to different cultures and religions through various learning about stories, people, places and times of special importance, and artefacts and beliefs that are part of modern life and society. Students are encouraged to respond sensitively to all religions, traditions and cultures, using their imagination and sense of wonder. I believe I have confused you enough with my points. Their study of faiths develops appropriate, secular view of the world and a religious community with a significant local presence. Thank You.


We have a basketful of eggs, there is no guarantee that all the eggs will hatch into chickens. Similarly planning is important in life. But we should not pin all our hopes and plan too much for the future, expecting certain things to happen. Because in life, events or incidents do not always happen the way we want them to do. It is necessary to plan but we must also be prepared to expect unexpected contingencies. In this proverb, our plans are compared to chickens that come out of eggs.

It is better to plan things but one must also be prepared for uncertain eventualities to avoid disappointments and frustration.

Once there was a farmer Subramanian who had cultivated groundnuts on his farmland and got a good yield. He sold the groundnuts and made a huge sum of money. He wanted to perform the wedding of his daughter in a grand manner but realized that he was running short by a small amount.

Subramanian decided that he would cultivate groundnuts again the next season so that he would get a huge sum of money all over again.

Other farmers warned him not to do so since it was time for the monsoons and the meteorological department had predicted heavy rains that year. They told him that paddy would be the best crop for cultivation and if he wanted he could cultivate groundnuts over a small area.

But Subramanian refused to listen to them and went ahead and cultivated groundnuts over his entire farmland. He was sure that he would get a good yield. He spent all the extra money that he had to conduct his daughter’s wedding. Just as the crops were getting ready for harvesting, heavy rains lashed the village and all the crops got washed away due to heavy floods. The rain resulted in making heavy lose to all the farmers who had cultivated groundnuts in their lands.

Subramanian was a very sad man for he not only lost his crops but he also wasted all his money in lavish expenditure which was unnecessary. He realized his folly in being over confident and not listening to his friends’ advice which resulted in him losing all his money. Thereafter it took many years for Subramanian to settle all his loan amount which he borrowed to marry off his daughter.



The writer was reported to the principal by Mr. Francis because of their unserious behaviour in his class.

He was care-free to all the students during his class.

He looked askance at him and then consulted his record.

He has been intelligent academically but with many daints on disciplinary cases.

This is because they never had any knowledge of the second test prior to it and never took their classes serious.

(i) Relative clause
(ii) It modifies the verb “performed”

He became more careful with his questions

Refined – cultured
Pranks – practical jokes
Puzzled – perplexed
Sentence – Punishment
Retaliation – revenge
Considerably – substantially



(i) Infant mortality can be reduced by exclusively breast feeding infants for at least six months.
(ii) Infant mortality can be reduced by maintaining good hygiene.
(iii) It can also be reduced by improving the diet of infants with vitamin A

(i) A disease-free environment is possible by using clean water.
(ii) It is also possible by using latrines.


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