How Ijmb 2022 Physics Alt_A 2A Questions Practical Will Come Out

How Ijmb 2022 Physics Alt_a 2a Questions Practical Will Come Out

Use the diagram as a guide to carry out the following experiment

  • Trace the outline ABCD of the rectangular glass prism on the drawing paper provided.
  • Remove the Prism. Select a point N on AB such that AN is about one quarter of AB.
  • Draw the normal LMN. Also draw a line RN to make an angle ∅° 75° with AB at N
  • Fix two pins at P1 and P2 on line RN. Replace the prism on its outline.
  • Fix two other pins at P3 and P4 such that they appear to be in a straight line with the image of the pins at P1 and P2 when viewed through the prism from side DC.
  • Remove the Prism and the pins at P3 and P4. Draw a line to join P3 and P4
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  • Produce line P4 P3 to meet the DC at O. Draw a line to join NO.
  • Evaluate ∅ = MO/NO and Cos∅
  • You will be given some values to find e.g. 30, 65, 100, and so on. Tabulate the values plot a graph vertical and horizontal determine the slope on the graph

Note the precautions below

  1. I ensured that pins are vertically erect
  2. I ensured that pins are reasonably spaced
  3. Ensured neat traces

Some Questions that are likely to come out

  1. Explain the term refractive index and give the mathematical expression for it in terms of wavelength.
  2. State the conditions necessary for total internal reflection to occur for a given pair of media.
  3. State Snell’s law of refraction

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