How to Answer 2022 Comprehension Exam Questions


*1.* “`Read the passage ONCE
A short time is always given for English exam which gives you barely a minute to answer each question.
*Do NOT waste your time by reading the passage twice or thrice.*

“`Without distraction, once is enough and then go straight to the comprehension questions.“`

*2.* “`Read each question carefully
As you read through the questions, there will be words in each question that you’d remember seeing in the comprehension passage.

That’s how smart your brain works.

It may not remember the entire comprehension passage but when it sees a familiar word, you will get an alert.“`

*3.* “`Go back to the passage
Once you spot a familiar word in the question, go back to the passage immediately and look for where that word is.“`

*Do NOT read the entire comprehension passage again.*

*Just skip through it fast with your eyes and stop once you see the familiar word that you came for.*

*4.* “`Check the options
After seeing where the familiar word is in the passage, go back to the question and check the options A—D or A—E.“`

*This will prepare your smart brain for the last step.*

“`You may even know the answer to the question already from this step.

But whether you do or not, it is best to be sure.“`

*5.* “`Confirm your answer
After going through the options, go back again to the comprehension passage, where that familiar word is and get your answer.“`

*But how?*

“`Read the sentence(s) around that familiar word. Or the paragraph, if you may.“`

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*The answer to any question on comprehension is always within the paragraph in the passage that contains that familiar word

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