How to Operate and Answer Jamb Cbt 2023 Questions Using Only 9 Keys

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How to Operate and Answer Jamb CBT 2023 Questions using 9 Keys

*JAMB CBT Simplified and Made Easy with the Use of ONLY 9 KEYS* .

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How to Operate and Answer Jamb CBT 2023 Questions using 9 Keys

For candidates who are not familiar or conversant with a computer or who have difficulty using the mouse, JAMB has introduced the use of only nine (9) keys on the keyboard without the use of the mouse to sit for the UTME. It is as easy as ABC.

Press *A* for option A

Press *B* for option B

Press *C* for option C

Press *D* for option D

Press *N* to go to the next question

Press *P* to go back to previous questions

Press *S* to submit when you have finished the exam

Press *R* if you want to return to the exam after you have pressed S either in error or you change your mind about submitting the exam

Press *Y* to confirm that have finished and you really want to submit the exam after pressing S.

It is very easy to do.

Mock UTME holds on Thursday, 3rd June 2023 for only candidates that registered before 24th April and who expressed interest in Mock during the registration.

UTME starts on Saturday, 19th June and ends on Saturday, 3rd July 2022.

NECO starts on Monday, 5th July and ends on Monday, 16th August 2022.

WAEC SSCE starts on Monday, 16th August 2022. So there will be no clash of examination dates for candidates sitting for both examinations.

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