Jamb 2023 likely Questions on Organic Chemistry


1. The reaction of carbide with water gives

A. Ethyne✅✅
B. Ethene
C. Ethane
D. Ethanal
equation to reaction
and also the general formula for alkyne is CnH2n-2

2. The general formula of alkanones is


Alkanones also known as ketones have the general formula RCOR’

3. A second alkanol can be oxidized to give an

A. Alkanone✅✅
B. Alkyne
C. Alkanoic acid
D. Alkanal

When an secondary alcohol is treated with acidified KMnO4, or K2Cr2O7, they yield an alkanone

4. Which of the following substances are all made by the process of polymerization?

A. Nylon and soap
B. Ethanoic acid margarine and ethanol
C. Nylon and artificial rubber✅✅
D. Soap and butane
E. Margarine and nylon

5. If an organic compound decolorizes bromine water then the compound is?

A. Saturated
B. Supersaturated
C. Unsaturated✅✅
D. A solid
E. Protonated

6. Which of the following types of reactions takes place between C2H4 and the halogens?

A. Substitution
B. Polymerization
C. Addition✅✅
D. Saponification
E. Oxidation

7. The alkanol obtained from the production of soap is

A. Ethanol
B. Glycerol✅✅
C. Methanol
D. Propanol
E. Glycol

The alcohol we use to make fats is ‘glycerol’ When fats or oils are hydrolysed using alkaline hydrolysis, a soap and glycerol are formed:

fats (or oil) + NaOH => soap + glycerol

8. The three-dimensional shape of methane is

A. Hexagonal
B. Trigonal
C. Linear
D. Tetrahedral✅✅
E. Cubical

9. An element that can exist in two or more different structural forms which possess the same chemical properties is said to exhibit.

A. Polymerism
B. Isotopy
C. Isomorphism
D. Isomerism
E. Allotrophy✅✅

Allotropy is the existence of two or more atoms of an element having the same physical states but different physical or structural forms.

10. The hybridization of the carbon atom in ethyne is

A. Sp⁴
B. Sp³
C. Sp²
D. Sp✅✅
E. S

Ethane sp³ hybridization
Ethene sp² hybridization
Ethyne sp hybridization

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