Neco 2022 Physics Likely Questions and Answers

Let me show you numerous National examination council (Neco) 2022 likely questions and answers for the Physics examination.

If you are searching for questions that are likely to come out on this year’s Neco Physics examination, then this post is just for you as we have compiled over a hundred questions with answers that we think the exam body is likely to set.

Neco 2022 Physics Likely Questions and Answers

Likely questions are questions we think that the examination body is likely to set, we do choose these questions based on many criteria which include: most repeated questions, etc. Getting updates like this is very rare on the internet because most sites don’t have the time to help students, but here on Expobite, we want to make sure you clear all your papers.

During exams, likely questions are very important, just like past questions as they give you a clue of what you are to expect on the exam day.

As a Neco Physics examination candidate, you need to study very hard to be able to pass this examination, Neco exam is really not hard for those that studied right, but very difficult for those that didn’t study at all.

Below are the over a hundred Neco Physics likely question and answers/sample questions for the 2022 Neco SSCE:


  1. To rectify a current simply means to
    A. increase the magnitude of the current.
    B. measure the current using an ammeter.
    C. convert the current from a.c to d.c.
    D. connect more resistors in series in a circuit.
  2. Which of the following statements is correct about laser light?
    A. It converges at all times.
    B. It diverges at all times.
    C. It converges and diverges at different intervals.
    D. It neither diverges nor converges.
  3. X Y Z
    0 0 0
    1 0 0
    0 1 0
    1 1 1

The truth table above represents a two input X, Y and a Z output device(s). The device(s) is
A. AND gate.
B. NAND gate.
C. OR gate.
D. AND gate + inverter.

  1. The dimensions of pressure is
    A. ML-1T-2
    B. ML T-2
    C. ML3T-2
    D. ML-1T
  1. The recoil of a gun after it has been shot is a demonstration of
    A. the principle of conservation of energy.
    B. Newton’s second law of motion.
    C. the principle of conservation of matter.
    D. Newton’s third law of motion.
  2. Two standard resistors of magnitudes 10 and 5 are connected in series to a series
    arrangement of secondary cells. If the current through the 10 resistor is 5A, the
    current through the 5 resistor is
    A. 2.5 A
    B. 5.0 A
    C. 7.5 A
    D. 10.0 A.

(Short Structures)

  1. (a) How does an active satellite differ from a passive satellite?
    (b) State one use of an active satellite. [3 marks ]
  2. (a) Draw a two input Nand gate.
    (b) State its truth table. [3 marks ]


  1. (a) Define a photoelectron. [ 2 marks ]

(b) The equation below represents a radioactive decay

(i) What are the values of x and p? [2 marks
(ii) State the conservation principles used in deriving the values of x and p. [2 marks ]
(c) (i) What is meant by the half life of a radioactive substance?
(ii) A radioactive substance has a half-life of 3.8 days.
Calculate its decay constant. [5 marks]
(d) State one function of each of the following materials utilized by an
operating nuclear reactor:
(i) Boron rods,
(ii) U235,
(iii) Graphite moderators [3 marks]


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