Waec Biology Past Questions and Answers 2019

As a serious Waec candidate, you need Waec past questions for you to be able to study hard ahead of the exam, you need to get past questions, solve them so as to know how Waec questions are being set

Download Free Waec Biology Past Questions and Answers for the 2022 Waec Exam. This guide covers how to get Waec Biology Past Questions and Answers.

Download Free Waec Biology 2019 Past Questions and Answers for the 2022 West African examination council (WAEC) examination

The newly updated Waec Biology past questions and answers 2019 are now available for download by applicants preparing for the Waec.

To be a Secondary school graduate and to be able to further your education, you need to first pass your Waec examination (O’ level). Hence, studying the Waec past questions is the way forward to success.

Statistics have shown that the Waec examination questions are mostly repeated from past questions. That is the more reason you need to download the Waec Biology past questions to have a clue of the examination structure. Apart from the verbatim repetition of questions, questions are repeated with a slight difference in their sentence structures so the past question is an essential tool to have while studying for the Waec exam.

We have compiled the comprehensive Waec Biology past questions and answers in softcopy for you to practice for your upcoming Waec examination.
Therefore, Expobite.net recommends you download the up-to-date Waec Biology 2019 past questions and answers by following the steps below.

The truth is most of the past questions online may not be the real questions Waec has set in the past. Below is the information I gathered from candidates that have written Air force Exams in the past.

Waec Biology Past Questions and Answers 2019 PDF

Our website Expobite is not like any other site out there that will provide you with fake past questions and answers, what we provide you with is the correct past Waec question and answers for both essay, Obj, and practicals 2019.

Download Waec biology 2019 past questions and answers pdf… download the Waec biology past questions and answers 2019 and start preparing yourself for the West African Examination Council (Waec) exam.

Waec Biology Past Questions and Answers 2019 – Section A [Objective]

How to Download Waec Biology Past Questions and Answers 2019 PDF

Download your Newly Updated Waec Biology Past Questions 2019 and start studying from your phone, or computer, or print it in a hardcopy.

To download the complete 2019 Waec biology past questions and answers, kindly click on the download link below:

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Waec Biology Past Questions 2019 – Section B [Essay]

Answer any FOUR questions.
Write your answers on the answer booklet provided.

1. (a) Describe briefly the role of stomach indigestion.
(b) (i) Name three parts of plants in which food can be stored
(ii) Give one example in each case.
(c) Explain briefly how the level of sugar in the mammalian blood can be regulated.

2. (a)(i) What is sexual reproduction?
(ii) Name four organs in mammals that produce sex hormones.
(iii) Name one sex hormone produced by each of the organs named in 2(a)(i).
(b) In a tabular form outline three differences between reproductions in lizards and birds.
(c) (i) How are identical twins forms in humans?
(ii) State three characteristics features of identical twins.

3. (a) Explain the following terms:
(i) disease;
(ii) symptoms of diseases
(b) (i) List two physical and two chemical barriers that prevent pathogens from penetrating the body of an organism.
(ii) Explain how vaccination protects the body from contracting infectious diseases.
(c) Distinguish between an antibody and an antigen.
(d) Name the causative agents of: (i) Malaria; (ii) Cholera; (iii) AIDS.

4. (i) What is respiration?
(ii) In a tabular form, state four differences between gaseous exchange and aerobic respiration
(b) (i) Explain the term residual air.
(ii) What is the importance of residual air to mammals?
(iii) State four characteristic features associated with respiratory structures.
(c) (i) What is oxygen debt?
(ii) Outline three activities that can result in oxygen debt.

5. (a) (i) What is conservation?
(ii) State six factors responsible for the decline of the abundance and variety of wildlife.
(b) Outline six ways in which the government can improve the situation in 5(a) (ii) above.
(c) (i) What is Eutrophication?
(ii) State two causes of eutrophication.

6. (a) What is photosynthesis?
List: (i) four external factors;
(ii) two internal factors; that affect the rate of photosynthesis.
(b) (i) List the major products of the light-dependent stage of photosynthesis.
(ii) State the importance of each of the products listed in 6(c) (i) above.
(c) (i) Explain why there are no green plants at the lower depths of some lakes.
(ii) State why decomposers are important to flowering plants.

7. (a) (i) What is a gene?
(ii) Differentiate between the terms genotype and phenotype.
(b) Explain the following terms: (i) hybrid; (ii) pure breeding; (iii) nucleotide.
(c) In garden pea seeds, the smooth seed coat is dominant over the rough seed coat.
With the aid of a genetic diagram, determine the result expected if a homozygous rough pea is crossed with a smooth seed coat plant whose parents were rough-coated…

8. (a) (i) Describe epigeal germination of a seed.
(ii) In a tabular form, state three differences between epigeal germination and hypogeal germination.
(b) (i) What is seed dormancy?
(ii) State three ways by which dormancy in seeds can be broken.
(c) State six advantages of using contraceptives in human populations.

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