Waec 2022 English Language Tips & Guidelines

Below is the Waec 2022 English Language Tips & Guidelines:

Waec 2022 English Language Tips & Guidelines

Essay Writing

Stages in writing essays

  1. Identify the topic of the essay
  2. Deciding on the purpose of the essay
  3. Identify the audience of the essay
  4. Gathering information for the essay
  5. Write the essay itself.

Writing a Composition

In writing a composition, one must pay attention to grammar, punctuation, and style:

  1. Clearness is the most essential: therefore, words must be chosen accurately, phrases and clauses must be placed in the regular order: and all pronouns must be clear in their references
  2. Slang and colloquial expression must be avoided.
  3. The first person should not be used in any essay in which the subject can be treated impersonally. Examples I think, in my opinion, must not be used. It is always possible to use an impersonal expression such as it’s generally agreed. it’s probably a fact.
  4. Write simple words and do not endeavor to drag in long words.
  5. When you begin to write a composition you should remember that you will need an introduction, the body, and the conclusion.


The introduction should raise the reader’s interest and state the main idea of the composition;

  1. It must catch the reader’s interest
  2. It must inform him or her about the main points of the composition

Body of the Letter

The body should state and develops the main points in the outline. In stating and developing your main points, you should pay special attention to the paragraphs comprising the body of your composition.


The conclusion should summarize the main points of the essay. Revise what have written. it’s most important that everything that’s written should be thoroughly revised. This will help you to detect a number of errors that can easily be detected.


A paragraph is a series of sentences developing one topic or point. The paragraphs of the essay must not be numbered.

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