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(i) ALL SUBJECTS: WhatsApp: N15,000 | Pin: N12,500
(ii) 9 SUBJECTS: WhatsApp: N6,000 | Pin: N5,000
(iii) PER SUBJECT: WhatsApp: N800 | Pin: N500

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WAEC GCE English Language Syllabus 2022/2023 PDF Download

The Waec Gce syllabus for English language 2022/2023 is here. A candidate writing the Waec Gce English language subject should take heed of the syllabus and take note of the guidelines as they proceed.

Are you looking for the latest Waec Gce syllabus for the English language 2022/2023 PDF download? This is the best place to get the English language syllabus for the Waec Gce examination.

WAEC GCE English Language Syllabus 2023/2024 PDF Download

Waec Gce English Language Syllabus 2022/2023

The syllabus comprises four parts: speaking and interaction skills, reading, writing, and listening comprehension. Each part has a number of sub-sections under it, which will have questions.

Candidates should be able to practice the topics given in the question paper to gain proficiency in the examination.

Aims and Objectives

The Waec Gce syllabus for the English language in 2022/2023 aims to help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in English language courses. These objectives include developing oral and written communication skills, studying grammar and vocabulary, and improving problem-solving skills.

The exam sets out to assess candidates’ knowledge of the following;

  1. Use correct English;
  2. Write about incidents in English that are appropriate to specified audiences and situations;
  3. Organize material in paragraphs that are chronologically, spatially, and logically coherent;
  4. Control sentence structures accurately;
  5. Exhibit variety in the use of sentence patterns;
  6. Comply with the rules of grammar;
  7. Spell and punctuate correctly;
  8. Comprehend written and spoken English;
  9. Recognize implied meaning, tones, and attitudes;
  10. Use an acceptable pronunciation that others can comprehend;
  11. Recognize the physical characteristics of English sounds and the letters that represent them.
  12. Pick out and summarize relevant information from set passages.

The Scope of the Syllabus

The syllabus is designed to provide candidates with knowledge, as well as the ability to apply the methods and techniques of English language and literature effectively, to enable them to deal effectively with written materials (whether in writing or speech), to interpret such materials critically, and to write effectively (in speech and written form).

It deals with analysis, criticism, interpretation, evaluation, composition, and stylistics. It emphasizes both oral and written skills.

The syllabus also aims to prepare candidates for communication and greater participation in national development (i.e., in political, social, economic, and cultural spheres) by equipping them with knowledge of and competence in the English language, literature, history, and culture.

Functional Groups

  1. Literary and Aesthetic Appreciation 
  2. Language for Communication 
  3. Language for Social and Professional Interaction 
  4. Language for Critical and Investigative Thinking 
  5. Language for Research and Information Resources 
  6. Language for Production of Texts 
  7. Language for Personality Development and Self Development 
  8. Language for Aesthetic Appreciation and Self Development

Language Skills

  1. Listening Comprehension 
  2. Reading Comprehension 
  3. Oral Expression 
  4. Oral Comprehension 
  5. Writing Skills

How to use Waec Gce English Language Syllabus 2022/2023

1. Download the PDF version of the syllabus from our site

If you’re looking for the syllabus, you can find it on this page to download! It is a PDF file, so it will be easier for you to print it out or store it on your mobile device.


2. Go through different English language textbooks.

When preparing for an English language exam, it can be helpful to go through different English language textbooks to understand this subject better. This will enable you to understand the questions and answer them correctly properly in the examination.

There are a few different types of English language textbooks that you can use to your advantage. You can use a traditional textbook written from a traditional academic perspective or a learner’s dictionary specifically designed for students preparing for an English language exam.

Regardless of the type of textbook you choose, take the time to read through it cover to cover and focus on the specific topics you’ll be tested on in the exam. This will help you to understand the concepts better and improve your overall vocabulary.

3. Look for Waec Gce English Language Past Questions as guidelines.

You may be required to take a Waec Gce exam even as an international student. The Waec Gce is an assessment system used by the West African Examination Council to determine a student’s educational level in secondary schools.

The Waec Gce system is a widely accepted assessment system in West Africa and is accepted by Nigeria, Ghana, and the Gambia. It is also recognized by many high schools and universities in Nigeria, Ghana, and the Gambia.

The Waec Gce English Language past questions can help students prepare for their senior exams. Students can use the questions as reference material.

Final Note

Studying for the Waec Gce English language exam for 2022/2023 is not easy. You will need to work hard and practice a lot. There is no shortcut to studying and not doing well on the exam.  We have given you a PDF file to help you get organized. Now, focus on your studies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope this article has helped you.

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