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Waec 2022 Health Education Questions and Answers



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Vital statistics is accumulated data gathered on live births, deaths, migration, foetal deaths, marriages and divorces.

(i) Quantities and rates of births
(ii) Characteristics of births

(iii) Quantities and rates of deaths

(i) Femur
(ii) Patella
(iii) Tibia

(iv) Fibula


Sewage is a liquid containing wastes from households, industrial and agricultural activities discharged into water.


(i) Testes and scrotum grows
(ii) Production of sperm
(iii) Broadening of the shoulder
(iv) No menstruation occur
(v) The voice deepens

(i) Breasts grow
(ii) Production of egg
(iii) Broadening of the hips
(iv) Menstruation occurs
(v) The voice becomes sweet

(i) Both systems have gonads that produce sperm or egg
(ii) Both systems experience maturation of their reproductive organs

(iii) Both produce an increasing number of hormones at puberty

(i) It prevents excessive bleeding
(ii) It prevents the entry of bacteria and other pathogens into the body

(i) Food mixes with saliva and the enzyme amylase (found in saliva), which breaks down starch into sugars.(ii) The tongue helps in thorough mixing of food with saliva, which helps in swallowing of food called as a bolus.

Marriage is a formal union , social and legal contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically, and emotionally

(i) For companionship
(ii) To signify a life-long commitment

(ii) For legal status and financial security


Answer Two Questions Only

Epidemiology is the branch of medical science that investigates all the factors that determine the presence or absence of diseases and disorders.

A causative agent is an organism or chemical that is responsible for the development of a disease.

Transmission route is the pathway of causative agents from a source to infection of a susceptible host

Susceptible host is the organism that will feel the effects of the infectious disease that has traveled through the chain of infection.

The vertebral column, also known as the spinal column, is the central axis of the skeleton in all vertebrates. The vertebral column provides attachments to muscles, supports the trunk, protects the spinal cord and nerve roots and serves as a site for haemopoiesis

(i) Stress
(ii) Smoking
(iii) Alcohol consumption


Orthodox medicine is a system of medicine in which medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals deliver treatment for diseases and their symptoms to the patients through the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery.

Food nutrients are the substances in food which drive biological activity, and are essential for the human body.

(i) Builds all parts of the body
(ii) Produces energy for the body
(iii) Reduces the risk of chronic disease
(iv) Maintains the immune system

(i) Consumer health is a social movement which preserves the right and strength of the consumer. Consumer health encourages seller and merchant to protect health of consumer by providing quality product and services.

(ii) Consumer education is the preparation of an individual to be capable of making informed decisions when it comes to purchasing products in a consumer culture.

(i) Right to safety
(ii) Right to Information
(iii) Right to value for money
(iv) Right to consumer education

(i) Barrier method
(ii) Hormonal contraception
(iii) Emergency contraception

(iv) Long-acting reversible contraception


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– Urban secondary schools are well equipped both in staff capacity and adequate supervision geared towards ensuring better education

– The students at their enrollment stage are too tender to do some chores , thereby needs urban schools where there are standard dormitories and auxiliary staff to help them

– Their roads are usually inaccessible
– Most of the schools in rural areas are very far from the motors

– The schools at the rural areas helps to organize examination malpractice in standard way to favour them

– parents are ready to do anything as they would not want any repeat from their children

– They go out corner in other to pay the high amount for the registration in those rural areas and would not entertain any second missionary journey

– They Remain unemployed after school

(a) It is adjectival clause
(b) it qualifies the noun those students in the sentence

(a) Scenario — Screenplay
(b) Tender — Younger
(c) Amazing — Surprising
(d) Register — enroll
(e) Remote — distant


(i) Corruption is the major cause of chronic poverty
(ii) Corruption is a bane to a healthy business environment, thereby discourages international investors
(iii) It poses a great threat to the reputation of the citizenry in the international community
(iv) Corruption breeds crime in the society.
(v) It annihilates the patriotic spirit among the people.

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Waec Health Education 2022 Answers – 20th June 2022

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