Waec Visual Art Answers 2022 – 21st June 2022

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Waec 2022 Visual Art Questions and Answers

Tuesday, 21st June 2022

  • Visual Art 2 (Essay) 09:30am – 11:30am
  • Visual Art 1 (Objective) 11:30am – 12:20pm


Collage describes both the technique and the resulting work of art in which pieces of paper, photographs, fabric and other ephemera are arranged and stuck down onto a supporting surface.

Basketry, are art and craft of making interwoven objects, usually containers, from flexible vegetable fibres, such as twigs, grasses, osiers, bamboo, and rushes, or from plastic or other synthetic materials

Pottery, is one of the oldest and most widespread of the decorative arts, consisting of objects made of clay and hardened with heat. The objects made are commonly useful ones, such as vessels for holding liquids or plates or bowls from which food can be served.

Printing is the process of making images that can be transferred onto other surfaces. It can be used to make one or more identical images or to create repeating patterns on papers and textiles

Dyeing is the application of dyes or pigments on textile materials such as fibers, yarns, and fabrics with the goal of achieving color with desired color fastness.

Papier mache is a light strong molding material of wastepaper pulped with glue and other additives

(i) The use of paper strips glued together with adhesive
(ii) The use of paper pulp obtained by soaking or boiling paper to which glue is then added.

(i) STEP 1:
Set up your work space
(ii)STEP 2:
Soak the small bits of papers inside water for at least 24 hours.
(iii) STEP 3:
Remove the soaked pieces of paper and squeeze out the excess water.
(iv) STEP 4:
Pound the soak paper inside mortar and pestle
(v) STEP 5:
Remove the pounded pulp from the mortar into a bowl.
(vi) STEP 6:
Prepare cassava starch with hot water and mix to a fairly thick consistency (like the preparation of pap)
(vii) STEP 7:
Mix the paper pulp with the starch properly when the starch is cool (white glue can also be used in place of starch).
(viii) STEP 8:
The prepared pulp can be used to mould objects like bowl, cup, jugs, animals etc

Warp is A structural distortion of the support that has become twisted, turned or bent out of shape and is no longer flat or in plane

Weft is a filling thread or yarn in weaving

Clothesalso known as Artwear or “art to wear”, refers to individually designed pieces of (usually) handmade clothing or jewellery created as fine or expressive art.

Fabric: This is cloth or other material produced by weaving together cotton, nylon, wool, silk, or other threads.

Textile art is a type of art that uses animal, plant, or synthetic fibers to create practical or decorative objects.

(i) Cut fabric and draw
(ii) Apply the first layer of wax
(iii) Add the dye and apply the second layer of wax
(iv) Complete the crackle effect
(v) Remove wax

(i) Clay
(ii) Bronze
(iii) Brass

(i) Bronze Head
(ii) Terra Cotta

(i) They are mainly done in terra-cotta and bronze.
(ii) They are highly naturalistic.
(iii) They have profuse scarification.
(iv) They have elaborate ornamentations, e.g. beads.
(v) Human figures are mainly represented.
(vi) Heads are in life size.
(vii) They are symbolic.
(viii) Eyes are round and without pupils.

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(i) Romansque
(ii) Carolingian
(iii) Anglo – Saxon and viking

(i) Elaborately decorative patterns
(ii) Bright colors
(iii) iconography
(iv) Christian subject matter.


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(ii)free samples
(iii)handbill flier’s
(iv)Bell ringing

(i) The cost
(ii) The target audience
(iii)Nature of the goods
(iv) Communication

(i)It increases profit
(ii) It provides information about features
(iii)It also stimulates demands
(iv)It helps I’m creating job opportunities

(i)improving the profitability of the firm.
(ii)Carrying out restriction of output ,
(iii)control of price,
(iv)allocation of market shares.

(i)They base their decisions on the full costs and benefits

(ii)They can be used to influence economic activity. To boost the country’s output, public corporations can be directly encouraged to increase their output.

(iii)In cases where it is practical to have only one firm in the industry, such as rail infrastructure, a public corporation would not abuse its market power.

(i)They can be difficult to manage and control. The large size of the organisations may mean that time has to be spent on meetings and communicating with staff, slowing down decision making.

(ii)They may become inefficient, produce low-quality products, and charge relatively high prices, due to a lack of competition and the knowledge that they cannot go bankrupt.

(iii)They will need to be subsidized if they are loss-making. The use of tax revenue to support them has an opportunity cost it could be used to spend on, say, training more teachers and nurses.

(i) Bill of exchange
(ii) Hire purchase contract
(iii) Promissory note
(vi) Credit card
(v) Bank draft

(i) Can get a significant amount of money at the rate of time
(ii) Allows emergency purchases
(iii) Money may not need to be paid back
(iv) Can create space for more profitable uses

(i) Might not get the full market value of the assets or even be able to sell them at all
(ii) Money may be lost if the business fails
(iii) Difficult for a new business to access

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(i)Best Location: One of the key starting points in putting up a retail store is the right location. Getting into an ideal business location is a sustainable advantage since a competitor can’t copy or steal your spot.
(ii)Competitive Factors: Competitive factors also impact the effectiveness of a retail start-up. The ideal scenario exists when you start a distinct business that offers sizable marketplace goods or services they value and can’t get elsewhere.
(iii)Financial Capital: You have two basic ways to start a retail business. You can build one from scratch or invest in a franchise, where you purchase the rights to an existing model.
(iv)Legal and Regulatory Environment: You also need to understand legal and regulatory facts that impact your industry. Some industries are heavily regulated, while others have minimal government regulations.

(i)The government regulates business name registration through CAC – Corporate Affairs Commission
Government patent use law is a statute that is a “form of government immunity from patent claims.
The government regulates trademark through its trademark law
The Commission is the Government agency responsible for all copyright matters in Nigeria including the administration, regulation.

(Choose Any four)
(i) Through the stock exchange market which is part of the capital market ,fund or capital can be raised or mobilised by companies and investors
(ii)Stock exchange market provide Financial Market where people can invest their money in shares of companies
(iii)Stock exchange facilitates the transfer of ownership of shares between investors.
(iv)stock exchange market Provide Avenue for Government to Raise fund
(v)The stock exchange market provides professional advice to investors on sales and management of securities

(5bi)Debenture: A debenture is a document which acknowledges a loan generally under the company’s seal,bearing a fixed rate of interest . it usually gives security for replacement of loan as well as the interest. Holders of debenture certificate have no voting right

(5bii)Bond : A bond is a security issued by a government or its agency or private institution as a means of raising fund. Bonds are usually due to be redeemed at some future date,and they carry a fixed rate of interest.

(5biii)Shares: Shares can be defined as an individual portion of the company’s capital owned by shareholders. It is the interest which a shareholder has in a company . in other word, a share is a unit of capital measured by a sum of money.

(5biv)Stock: stock can be defined as the bundle of shares or mass of capital which can be transferred in fractional amount. They are always fully paid ,e.g it can be quoted per #100 nominal value.

(i)Provides Technical Support To Exporters
(ii)Simplifies Export Procedures
(iii)Provides Grants And Incentives
(iv)Simplifies Export Procedures
(v)Provides Exportable Products’ List

(i)Collect and revenue for the government by charging customs excise duties.
(ii)keep and analyze records of imported and exported goods and services.
(iii)Control bonded warehouses to ensure that duty is collected for imported dutiable goods before releasing them.
(iv)Supervise public health by arranging quarantine for animals, pets coming into the country thus controlling infectious disease.
(v)Supervise entrepots (re-export) trade to ensure that no duty is charged and collected on goods destined to another country.

(i) Cartel is an agreement between two or more producers of the same commodity to regulate the production and sale of the product with a view to obtain dominance in the market.

(ii) Consortium: this is an agreement, combination, or group (as of companies) formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member.

(iii) Trust is an arrangement in which a party gives control of his or her property to another party (trustee) for the benefit of a third party (the beneficiary).

(i) To obtain the economies of large scale.
(ii) To gain security from cut- throat competition.
(iii) To diversify their activities.
(iv) To raise enough capital for expansion.

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(i)Financing an Enterprise
(ii)Setting Prices
(iii)Product and Service Management

(i)Financing an Enterprise; It takes money to make money. As a business owner, an important function of marketing a product is finding the money through investments, loans, or your personal capital to finance the creation and advertising of your goods or services.

(ii)Setting Prices; Setting the correct price for your product or service can be a challenge. If you price it too high, you might lose customers but if you price it too low you might be robbing yourself of profits.

(iii)Product and Service Management; Once you’ve determined the target market and set the price of your product or service, the goal becomes to effectively manage the product or service. This involves listening to customers, responding to their wants and needs, and keeping your products and services fresh and up to date.

Form utility; refers to how well a product or service meets the customer’s needs. For example, a company might design a product to target a specific client’s needs or wants. In other words form utility might include offering consumers lower prices, more convenience, or a wider selection of products.

Possession utility; refer to the amount of usefulness or perceived value from owning a product. For example, owning a car or truck might be considered to have a high possession utility. In other words It also, increasing the ease of ownership boosts the possession utility or the perceived value of a product.

Entrepot: this is a port where goods for import or export can be stored without paying import duties.

(i) Protecting established domestic industries from foreign competition: If foreign goods and services easily enter the domestic market, it increases domestic competition.
(ii) Keeping infant industries until they become mature and internationally competitive: Some countries want to make sure their strategic industries thrive. Such industries usually contribute to national security, employment, technology, or value chains with various other industries.
(iii) Securing domestic employment and income: Imports benefit foreign producers as money flows from domestic to them. Besides, when imports increase, they will increase production. It creates jobs and income in their country but not domestically.
(iv) To generate government revenue: By imposing import tariffs, the government obtains a source of income other than individual taxes or business taxes.

Fear of domination; members are always suspicious and afraid of each other because of the uneven development in the region.

Political Instability; the constant changes in government among member nations as a result of coups lead to political instability in the sub-regions.

Currency differences; the differences in currency among member nations
had made the transfer of capital difficult and also reduced trading activities.

Political Ideology /Colonial Ties; the West African region is split into
French and English Speaking countries. Member countries still lean to their colonial masters.

A breach of contract is a violation of any of the agreed-upon terms and conditions of a binding contract. The breach could be anything from a late payment to a more serious violation such as the failure to deliver a promised asset.

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more people which is enforceable in a court of law.

A contract under seal, or a deed, is a written document that, when “sealed”, is distinguishable from a contract. A deed is a formal document that gives the clear indication that a person or entity gives its most sincere promise that they will fulfil contractual obligations.

A void contract is a contract that isn’t legally enforceable, starting from the time it was created. While both a void and voidable contract are null, a void contract cannot be ratified.

Terminating a contract means legally ending the contract before both parties have fulfilled their obligations under the terms of the contract.

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Waec Visual Art 2022 Answers – 20th June 2022

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