Waec 2023 Areas of Concentration for Economics

Here are the areas of concentration for Waec Economics 2023, we are providing you this so as to enable you to know the areas to study and be able to prepare well for this 2023 Waec examination.

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Areas of Concentration for Economics Waec 2023

Below are the confirmed topics to read for the 2023 Waec Economics examination, just try as much as you can to study them well:

  • Definition And Scope Of Economics
  • Demand And Supply
  • Theory Of Consumer Behaviour
  • Theory Of Cost
  • Business Organizations
  • Population And Labour Market
  • Agriculture And Industrialization
  • National Income, Money, And Inflation
  • Financial Institutions
  • International Economic Organizations
  • Public Finance
  • International Trade
  • Distributive Trade
  • Market Structure
  • Production

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