“Don’t Pick Pharmacy, Consider Nursing for Japa Plans” Advises Cybersecurity Enthusiast and Pharmacist Ahead of 2024 UTME

"Don't Pick Pharmacy, Consider Nursing for Japa Plans" Advises Cybersecurity Enthusiast and Pharmacist Ahead of 2024 UTME

Consider Nursing Over Pharmacy for Japa Plans, Advises Cybersecurity Enthusiast and Pharmacist Ahead of 2024 UTME

As the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) opens registration for the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), prospective candidates are receiving unconventional advice from pharmacist and cybersecurity enthusiast, John Alade. In a recent post on social media platform X, Alade suggested that aspiring healthcare workers with plans to relocate abroad should opt for nursing instead of pharmacy.

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The announcement comes amidst a flurry of reactions on social media, with many expressing agreement and gratitude for Alade’s perspective. The pharmacist explained in subsequent tweets that the pathways for pharmacists seeking to relocate are challenging and financially burdensome compared to other healthcare professions.

According to Alade, “If japa is in your plans as a prospective healthcare worker, go for nursing instead of pharmacy.” This recommendation has sparked conversations among Nigerians, particularly those in the midst of making crucial decisions about their future careers.

Social media reactions have been varied but largely supportive of Alade’s advice. Rahman (@afolabirasman) regretted not choosing nursing earlier and advised prospective candidates to reconsider their choices. Meanwhile, @tiimilehinnn shared a personal experience, expressing gratitude for unforeseen opportunities that arose from pursuing nursing over medicine.

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SochiUzoma (@SochiUzoma) endorsed Alade’s counsel, emphasizing the ease of conversion for professions like nursing, radiography, and medlab in comparison to the challenges faced by pharmacy students. @dadyroc, reflecting on personal experiences, wished for such guidance during high school, lamenting the time spent pursuing pharmacy before eventually switching to nursing.

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Williams Ogugua Ezegrim (@EzegrimO) echoed the sentiment, highlighting the underrated nature of the advice. He revealed rejecting pharmacy for radiography and expressed satisfaction with the decision, emphasizing the importance of informed choices in career pursuits.

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As prospective candidates grapple with the task of selecting courses for the upcoming UTME, Alade’s unconventional advice adds a new dimension to the decision-making process. While pharmacy remains a prestigious field, the considerations raised by the pharmacist and cybersecurity enthusiast have sparked discussions about the practical aspects of pursuing healthcare careers abroad.

As the 2024 UTME registration progresses, candidates are urged to weigh the pros and cons of their choices, taking into account the insights shared by individuals like John Alade. The evolving narrative on social media suggests that such unconventional perspectives can play a crucial role in shaping the career decisions of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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