Neco Fishery Practical Specimen 2023

NECO Fishery Specimen 2023: The national examination council (Neco) has just released the official Neco 2023 specimen for Fishery for the 2023 Neco Fishery examination.

As we all know, without passing the examination practicals, there is no way you can pass the exam, so, practical is a very important aspect of the Neco examination, here we are providing you with the materials needed for this practical examination.

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Are you a Neco candidate for 2023? then below is the complete Neco Fishery specimen 2023 that you have been searching for. The interesting part of this is we included diagrams of all the specimens to make it easy for you to identify them all.

The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

Neco Fishery Practical Specimen 2023


  • 1. The information contained here is highly confidential. Efforts should be made to avoid candidates getting to know this either directly or indirectly before the examination.
  • 2. Each candidate should be instructed to bring the following to the Examination Hall/Laboratory.
    • (a) HB Pencil,
    • (b) An Eraser,
    • (c) A Ruler,
    • (d) A new Razor Blade or Scalpel.
  • 3. Candidates should be provided with the following;
    • (i) Hand lens.
    • (ii) Petri-dish.
    • (iii) Forcep.
Specimen A Head pan
Specimen BShovel
Specimen CMeasuring Tape
Specimen DDigger
Specimen EAxe
Specimen FHarrow
Specimen GHooks and Line (many hooks fixed at intervals on line, a 6 feet long)
Specimen HGill Net
Specimen IFishing Basket
Specimen JCast Net
Specimen KKnife
Specimen LMilling Machine (model)
Specimen MPelleting Machine (model)
Specimen NMaize Meal
Specimen OFish Meal
Specimen POyster Shell (grounded oyster shell)
Specimen QWheat Offal
Neco Fishery Specimen 2023

NOTE: If it is not possible to provide each candidate with all the specimens and apparatus can be provided for groups of not more than 10 candidates.


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