Neco Chemistry Practical Specimen 2023

NECO Chemistry Specimen 2023: The national examination council (Neco) has just released the official Neco 2023 specimen for Chemistry for the 2023 Neco Chemistry examination.

As we all know, without passing the examination practicals, there is no way you can pass the exam, so, practical is a very important aspect of the Neco examination, here we are providing you with the materials needed for this practical examination.

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Are you a Neco candidate for 2023? then below is the complete Neco Chemistry specimen 2023 that you have been searching for. The interesting part of this is we included diagrams of all the specimens to make it easy for you to identify them all.

The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

(i) Dilute sodium hydroxide solutionA solution containing a low concentration of sodium hydroxide
(ii) Dilute ammonia solutionA solution containing a low concentration of ammonia
(iii) Dilute hydrochloric acidA solution containing a low concentration of hydrochloric acid
(iv) Barium chloride solutionA solution containing barium chloride
(v) Distilled waterPure water obtained through the process of distillation
(vi) Red and blue litmus paperStrips of paper used to test the acidity or alkalinity of a solution
(vii) PhenolphthaleinA pH indicator that changes color in the presence of bases
(viii) Methyl orangeA pH indicator that changes color in the presence of acids
(ix) One boiling tubeA glass tube used for heating substances
(x) Five test tubesSmall glass tubes used for conducting experiments
(xi) Source of heatA device or apparatus used to provide heat, such as a Bunsen burner
(xii) Wash bottle containing distilled waterA bottle containing distilled water for rinsing or washing equipment
(xiii) Filtration apparatusEquipment used for separating solid particles from a liquid through the process of filtration

Neco Chemistry Practical Specimen 2023


  1. Great care should be taken to ensure that the information given below does not reach the candidates either directly or indirectly before examination.
  2. In addition to the apparatus and reagents expected to be available in a Secondary School Chemistry Laboratory, each candidate will require the following:
    • (a) One burette (50 cm³)
    • (b) One pipette (20 cm or 25 cm³) However, all candidates in a centre must use pipettes of the same volume
    • (c) The usual apparatus for filtration.
    • (d) The usual apparatus and reagents for qualitative work including:
      • (i) Dilute sodium hydroxide solution
      • (ii) Dilute ammonia solution.
      • (iii) Dilute hydrochloric acid
      • (iv) Barium chloride solution
      • (v) Distilled water
      • (vi) Red and blue litmus paper
      • (vii) Phenolphthalein
      • (viii) Methyl orange
      • (ix) One boiling tube
      • (x) Five test tubes
      • (xi) Source of heat
      • (xii) Wash bottle containing distilled water
      • (xiii) Filtration apparatus
  1. Each candidate should be supplied with the following:
    • (a) 150 cm of tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid solution in a corked flask or bottle labelled ‘A. These should all be the same containing 2.20 cm of concentrated tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid per dm of solution
    • (b) 150 cm of sodium trioxocarbonate (IV) solution in a corked flask or bottle labelled ‘B. These should all be the same containing 3.6 g of sodium trioxocarbonate(IV) pellets per dm of solution
    • (c) One spatulaful of NaCO, in a corked specimen bottle labelled C, Note: ‘n’ is the candidate’s serial number.
  2. In all cases, more materials may be given if required.
  3. The actual concentrations of An and Bn must be stated by the Subject Teacher’s report form, while the candidates should make use of the concentrations stated in the question paper.


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