WAEC Assures Success for Computer-Based Testing in Upcoming Examinations

WAEC Assures Success for Computer-Based Testing in Upcoming Examinations

WAEC Assures Success for Computer-Based Testing in Upcoming Examinations

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is confident that the introduction of the Computer-Based Test (CBT) method for the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) will be successful, according to Amos Dangut, the Head of National Office.

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Speaking on the TVC Breakfast show, Dangut reassured the public that the transition to the CBT model is a significant step forward for WAEC and that all necessary preparations have been made to ensure its success. The move to computer-based testing was first announced in September 2023, and plans have since progressed to an advanced stage.

Dangut emphasized that the adoption of the CBT mode is in line with the global trend in the field of examinations. He explained, “Everything is dynamic in life, there’s a time for everything, and now is the time for us to be compliant and to be where the world is.”

The Head of National Office disclosed that extensive preparations have been made, including trial tests with candidates, securing state-of-the-art studios, and training examination operatives such as supervisors and invigilators. Additionally, a thorough mobilization and sensitization campaign has been conducted to familiarize candidates with the new system.

To address concerns and skepticism about the CBT method, Dangut stated, “With every innovation, people are wary of it, they are afraid. Because of the research that we have done, everything is in place.” He acknowledged the fear of change but highlighted that the examination body is well-prepared to embrace technology.

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In an effort to further allay fears and facilitate a smooth transition, WAEC has opened an online avenue for registered candidates to experience the CBT environment. From January 23rd to January 24th, candidates can use their smartphones to go online, enter their details, and try the new system from the comfort of their homes.

Dangut assured that the CBT model will not result in changes to the syllabus. He clarified, “No, there won’t be any change in syllabus.” Furthermore, he emphasized that the technology would go a long way in curbing examination malpractice by allowing real-time monitoring of question deliveries.

Addressing concerns about candidates in rural areas, Dangut affirmed that most rural areas today have the capability to undertake computer-based examinations. He extended an invitation to any rural community interested in hosting the private candidate examination, stating, “We’re ready. We have the technology, we have the capacity, we have the ability and determination. All we need is a viable request, and we will come.”

As WAEC takes this bold step towards embracing technology in examination processes, the reassurances from the Head of National Office aim to build confidence in the success of the CBT model and demonstrate the examination body’s commitment to staying abreast of global advancements in education.

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