Waec Fisheries Practical Specimen 2022

Hello, I know you have searched tirelessly for the correct verified Waec Fisheries Practical Specimen 2022, here is just it for you.

Fisheries is one of the subjects you registered as a student and failing it might limit your chances of getting admission, we have just provided this the help you write answers related to it.

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2022 Waec Fisheries Specimen

  • Specimen A = African catfish (fresh(
  • Specimen B = Tilapia (Fresh with scale)
  • Specimen C = Drag net
  • Specimen D = Fish trap
  • Specimen E = Hook and line
  • Specimen F = Cast net
  • Specimen G = Smoked fish
  • Specimen H = Knife
  • Specimen J = Charcoal
  • Specimen K =Wire mesh/gauze
  • Specimen L = Twine
  • Specimen M = A float
  • Specimen N = Lead/weight
  • Specimen Q = Canoe (Model)

Above is the complete 2022 Waec fishery specimen for secondary schools and I believe it was very helpful to you, in exam success.

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