Waec Further Mathematics 2021 Answers on 9th September

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Waec Further Maths 2021 Answers for 9th September



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Waec Further Mathematics Obj/Essay Exam Date 2021

Thursday, 9th September 2021

  • Further Mathematics/Mathematics(Elective) 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –12:00noon.
  • Further Mathematics/Mathematics(Elective) 1 (Objective) 3:30pm. –5:00pm.

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WAEC 2021 prayers.
Our father who is in Nigeria and West Africa.
WAEC is in thy hand.
As it’ll be done in August, September, and October.
Throughout Nigeria’s states and West Africa.
Give us our A’s and B’s.
And forgive us our mistakes.
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(i)Fingerprint. …
(ii)Facial Recognition. …


(i)RCA (Stereo audio output)

(i)Finger print

Difference is that to access that on internet an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a router to connect to the ISP while it is not needed for that of storage

Biometric recognition creates a specific link between an individual and a data record.

(i)Data collection
(ii)Data input

(I)TO; Email Address
(II)CC; To send to multiple emails
(III)BCC; when you want the message to be shared that you want to keep it secret who get the message
(IV)To the reader
(V)the content of the message

Cc stands for carbon copy which means that whose address appears after the Cc: header would receive a copy of the message. Also, the Cc header would also appear inside the header of the received message. While Bcc stands for blind carbon copy which is similar to that of Cc except that the Email address of the recipients specified in this field do not appear in the received message header and the recipients in the To or Cc fields will not know that a copy sent to these address.

(i)insert the flash drive into a usb port on your computer.

(ii) with your microsoft word document open, click the “file” tab and select “save as.”

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(iii)click the “save in” drop-down menu at the top of the save as dialog box.

(iv)navigate to and click the flash drive. the flash drive is typically drive letter “e” or “f.”

(v)type the name of your document into the file name field and click “save” to save the file to the flash drive.

(i)navigate to the location where you want to create the folder that is the desktop of the computer.

(ii) hold down the ctrl, shift, and n keys at the same time.

(iii) enter your desired folder name that is “assignment”

(iv) navigate to the location where you want to create the folder.

(v)then save to finish

(i)open the folder that contains the word documents you want to print.

(ii) press [ctrl], and select the files you want to print. (if the files are adjacent, select the first file in the list, press [shift], and select the last file in the list.)

(iii) right-click the selection, and select print from the shortcut menu.

(iv) select the desired print options, and click ok. (the selected options will apply to all of the documents.)


– External
– Removable
– Indirect access

– Internal
– Not removable
– Random/Direct access

– External
– Removable
– Indirect access

(i)Google Sheets
(ii)Lotus Symphony
(iii)Microsoft Excel

(i) On the Basis of Size and Capacity, [Supercomputer, Mainframe, Mini, and Micro Computer].
(ii) On the Basis of Purposes, [General and Special Purpose].
(iii) On the Basis of Hardware Design and Type [Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Computer].

(i) Analog computers works with continuous values or these types of systems process continuous data.
(ii) Analog computer has very low or limited memory and it can store less amount of data.

(i) Digital computers works with discrete values or these types of systems process discrete data.
(ii) Digital computer has very big memory it can store large amount of data.

(i) Access to informations.
(ii) New tools, new opportunities

(i) Guided Media
(ii) Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)

(i)Disk formatting is the configuring process of a data storage media such as a hard disk drive, floppy disk or flash drive for initial usage.

(ii) Data backup is a copy of computer data taken and stored elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

(iii) Virus scans: this is the process where antivirus search through your system to locate and remove any malicious threats on your device.

(i) it is used for intra bank transfer
(ii) it is used for inter bank transfers
(iii) it is used to check account balance
(iv) it is used for printing of mini statement of account




(2a) An imprest system of petty cash means that the general ledger account Petty Cash will remain dormant at a constant amount. If the amount of petty cash is ₦10,000, then the Petty Cash account will always report a debit balance of ₦10,000. This ₦10,000 is the imprest balance.

As long as ₦10,000 is adequate for the organization’s small disbursements, then the general ledger account Petty Cash will never be debited or credited again.

When the currency and coins on hand gets low, the petty cash custodian will request a check to replenish the coins and currency that were disbursed. Since the requested check is drawn on the organization’s checking account, the Cash account will be credited. The debits will go to the expense accounts indicated by the petty cash receipts, such as postage expense, supplies expense. In other words, the general ledger account Petty Cash is not involved in the replenishment. The petty cash custodian will cash the check and add the amount to the other cash.

(Picl Any Two)
(i)Outdated System: Petty cash book is a largely outdated and inefficient system, and it does not fulfil the needs and expectations of the company’s current requirements.

(ii) Inconvenient for Larger Expenses: it causes huge inconvenience for larger expenses. The system is highly compatible and convenient for smaller expenses while opposite for larger expenses.

(iii) Overspending: Not setting the expenditure limits for every nominal transaction can even put an organization at the risk of facing overspending on purchases.

(i) Petty Cash Vouchers are used to purchase tangible items from local suppliers who will not take a purchase order.

(ii) Petty Cash Voucher is used to control the disbursement of cash from the Petty Cash Fund.

(iii) it helps to financially control the petty cash accounts in order to make sure that no one can abuse or mismanage the funds in the petty cash fund.

(iv) it provides solid evidence when it comes to the reconciliation of the amount of cash that is left in the petty cash fund.
Entrance Fees or Admission Fees is the amount that a person pays at the time of becoming a member of a Not-for-Profit Organization. It is a revenue receipt. Therefore, we account it as an income and credit it to Income and Expenditure Account.

A subscription is a signed agreement between a supplier and customer that the customer will receive and provide payment for regular products or services, usually for a one-year period.

(Pick Any five)
(i) No Opening Balance:- Opening balance is not require to prepare income and expenditure account.

(ii) Accrual Basis:- Income and expenditure account is maintained on accrual basis.

(iii) Based On Receipt And Payment Account:- Income and expenditure account is prepared on the basis of receipt and payment account at the end of the accounting year.

(iv) Non-cash Items:- This account records non-cash items also
(v) Debit And Credit Rule:- Expenses and losses are debited and incomes are credited as it is a nominal account.

(vi) No Capital Transactions:- Only revenue items are included in income and expenditure account. So, capital items are excluded while preparing this account.

(vii) Only Current Year’s Transactions:- Income and expenditure account includes only current periods transactions.
bank reconciliation statement is a summary of banking and business activity that reconciles an entity’s bank account with its financial records. In other words the statement outlines the deposits, withdrawals, and other activities affecting a bank account for a specific period.

bank charges covers all charges and fees made by a bank to their customers. In common parlance, the term often relates to charges in respect of personal current accounts or checking account.

standing order is an instruction a bank account holder gives to their bank to pay a set amount at regular intervals to another’s account. The instruction is sometimes known as a banker’s order.

Credit transfer” means a payment transaction by which a credit institution transfers funds to a payee’s account on the basis of a payer’s order, and the payer and the payee can be the same person.

Dishonoured cheques are cheques that a bank on which is drawn declines to pay. There are a number of reasons why a bank would refuse to honour a cheque, with non-sufficient funds being the most common one, indicating that there are insufficient cleared funds in the account on which the cheque was drawn.

unpresented cheque simply means that a cheque has been written and accounted for, but it has not yet been paid out by the bank from which the money is being drawn. Unpresented cheques are also referred to as outstanding cheques because the funds in question are, as the name suggests, outstanding.

uncredited cheques represent money that is available to the company but has not yet been recognised by the bank. This comes in the form of cheques paid in by customers and clients.
Accounting concept refers to the basic assumptions and rules and principles which work as the basis of recording of business transactions and preparing accounts.

Business entity: This provides that the financial activities of a firm be kept separate from the personal affairs of its owner.

Accrual: This concept states that revenues and costs are recognized as they are earned or incurred, not as when money is received or paid.

Going concern:This assumes that a business will continue to operate intothe foreseeable future, unless something contrary happens.

Consistency: The concept of consistency means that accounting methods once adopted must be applied consistently in future

Periodicity: The concept provides that preparation and reporting of accounting information should be done at regular intervals to allow users to have access to information at all times, since decisions may be taken at any time.

Historical cost: this concept states that the value of an asset is determined by the cost of its acquisition and not by the value of returns which are expected to be earned.

Frank Ogbeche Portrayed Ogeyi as a “Born again Christian”.
Ogeyi in the play is a slim fair complexioned and average in height. She is deep rooted in religion and religious matters. One can say that she is a religious fanatic. Her religious and Christian life was illustrated numerous times. Ogeyi in the play vowed to maintain strict Christian and religious doctrines. Thus she was a receptionist in ABC company, but her deligence and decipline to work was outstanding. Ogeyi throughout the play acts religiously and wisely. Her religious life was so much rated in how she would not want anything evil to happen to Aloho even when she is proving adamant to advice. Ogeyi’s religious and Christian life made so brave thus she showed her commitment to maintain strict Christian and religious life in her confession at the police station to ACP Yakubu and Inaku. And her refusal to go any where in order to testify against Chief Halada Ade-Amaka and his cohorts. In court Ogeyi religious and Christian life was also illustrated in the fact that she has been in Jabu before Alho and has seen what ladies in Jabu do for connection and money but refuses to conform to such disdainful act in order to maintain her religious and Christian lifestyle. In a nutshell I can vividly say that Ogeyi is a true and direct contrast to Aloho. Ogeyi illustrated her religious life be accommodation in that she allows Aloho to squat in the same house with her at a place called Panya. Ogeyi has absolute faith, trust and confidence in God. She so believes that in any situation no matter how precarious it may be, God will eventually overturn it. Her excellent advice and sincere warning to Aloho clearly portrays her strong faith in God. Ogeyi has a sincere heart, good upbringing and a promising future.

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(Answer ONLY ONE Question From This Section)
Mrs Johnson contributed heavily in making the play’ A raising in the sun’ a hilarious one. She is like like the neighbour that creates laughter in most plays
She is gifted at getting free food out of her neighbours,the youngers. She appear on stage for few minutes and she succeed in getting coffee and a piece of PTE .she looks “pretty” and “slick”
She serves as the instrument of comic relief but brings darker tone to the play . she walks up with a newspaper that hints that a black family residing in a white neighborhood has currently been bombed out of their house
Despite of her outward friendly disposition to the youngers,she feel repulsive towards them
She reasons out that the youngers, suppose that they are too good to live in the mostly black vicinity anymore
Mrs Johnson almost appears to enjoy disseminating the news that a black family was bombed by the racist whites.she abandoned the paper in the youngers house on her way out.
she is used by the playwright in telling the youngers the hard realities that awaits them for being the first black to move into Claybourne park.
She has a genuine intention in warning the younger’s but her manner of approach is offensive.
Mrs Johnson’s bomb story depicts her insensitivity and unkindness.
Majorly , Mrs Johnson shows the feeling of resentment that some black felt when others began to climb the social economy ladder.
The paper Mrs Johnson left in the younger’s apartment serves as evidence that will blame the latter for their rash decision of trying to live in white neighborhood.

(Answer ONLY ONE Question From This Section)
The poet’s selected use of words is highly contributory to the success of the poem. As a poem whose metaphorical import is very important to it’s appreciation, some words and phrases appear deliberately and and appropriately employed to help the effective delivery of its message. Some examples include “giant” sabre toothed, “shudder home”, “bayonets of tribulation”, “unceasing disaster” and so on. The word giant is deployed to underscore the enormity of size and might of the state. In a way, the word also provides suggestive information about the setting of the poem. It hints at the spar setting being Nigeria because Nigeria is often referred to as “the giant of Africa” due to the population size. The phrase “sabre-toothed” recalls a kind of tiger with sword-like teeth, which is meant to point at the possible effect of a bite or attack from such an animal or its metaphorical referent. While the phrase “bayonets of tribulation” similarly draws attention to the sharp-edged form of violence and other challenges faced by the commoners, “shudders home” comments on their intimidation. The word “unceasing” in “unceasing disaster” clearly emphasizes the despair attending the situation. The title word “Ambush” on its part, suggests the idea that the victims of the realities in the land are either caught unawares or the perpetrators carefully planned carry out their design as wished. The choice of animals used as metaphors for the land is also carefully made to reflect the three main natural abodes of animals viz: land, sky and water. This suggests a total control of every space by the metaphorical referents.

(Answer ONLY ONE Question From This Section)
The poem, “pulley” by George Herbert is one that showcases the omniscience of God.
In the first stanza, God in the course of making man said viva-vox “a glass of blessing” standing by thus”, let us pour, pour on him (man) all we can, “Let the world riches which despise lie, contract into a span”. Here God says orally in the course of making man, that his sequels-(the trinity) should join him in blessing man by making all other creation/creatures which lie in the world to come under man’s control. Hence, God’s blessing of dominating and subduing the earth to man, as well as that of reproducing their kind on earth . These made him to give man “strength”, “beauty”, “wisdom”, “honour” and “pleasure”.
But rest lies in the base of God’s belly because it is a treasure God will use as the “pulley” to make man not to forget Him, Accordingly, if God gives man rest — life devoid of trouble which God sees as a “jewelry’, man would adore God’s gifts instead of God. Again man will Rest (depend) on Nature other creation, not the God of Nature, hence God will lose both man and other creation.
Moreover, God decided that he should keep all other blessings (the rest).He showered on him but have them with brain storming (repining restlessness). Hence man According to God will be rich (have all things) and be weary (unhappy), so that if man does not have a stroke of luck and is not fortunate in the course of trying to forget God, weariness may toss him(man) back to my Breast(God).
In conclusion the poem explores God’s Sagacious nature over man.

Walter As Mama’s only son, Ruth’s defiant husband, Travis’s caring father, and Beneatha’s belligerent brother, Walter serves as both protagonist and antagonist of the play. The plot revolves around him and the actions that he takes, and his character evolves the most during the course of the play. Most of his actions and mistakes hurt the family greatly, but his belated rise to manhood makes him a sort of hero in the last scene.

Throughout the play, Walter provides an everyman perspective of the mid-twentieth-century African-American male. He is the typical man of the family who struggles to support it and who tries to discover new, better schemes to secure its economic prosperity. Difficulties and barriers that obstruct his and his family’s progress to attain that prosperity constantly frustrate Walter. He believes that money will solve all of their problems, but he is rarely successful with money.

Walter often fights and argues with Ruth, Mama, and Beneatha. Far from being a good listener, he does not seem to understand that he must pay attention to his family members’ concerns in order to help them. Eventually, he realizes that he cannot raise the family up from poverty alone, and he seeks strength in uniting with his family. Once he begins to listen to Mama and Ruth express their dreams of owning a house, he realizes that buying the house is more important for the family’s welfare than getting rich quickly. Walter finally becomes a man when he stands up to Mr. Lindner and refuses the money that Mr. Lindner offers the family not to move in to its dream house in a white neighborhood.

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