Waec Runz 2022 for Commercial Students

Waec Runz 2022 for Commercial Students
Waec Runz 2022 for Commercial Students

Are you a Commercial student and a Waec 2022 candidate? then let’s help you make A’s in this 2022 upcoming Waec.

Waec 2022 examination has been scheduled to start on the 9th day of May 2022, and this is just the right time to subscribe while we deliver answers to you at midnight to your exam directly to your mobile phone inbox both questions and answers.

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It will be a shameful time that after spending several years in secondary school, you are not able to pass an exam you have been preparing for the past 6 years. Have you ever relaxed and take deep thinking about how shameful it will be to fail Waec 2022 examination, then wear your school uniform again next year to sit for the same Waec exam with your junior schoolmates that you maltreated and punished?

I won’t want you to take the huge the biggest risk of believing you can write this 2022/2023 Waec examination all by yourself, the exam questions might chock and by then it would be too late for you to subscribe, definitely, there is no way we can accept subscriptions from you when the exam has already stCommercialed, we won’t also accept to help you for you to pay after the exam.

You didn’t subscribe means we have got no business with you, make hay while the sun shines, don’t make a decision that will affect your future.

Our Waec 2022 Subscription is very cheap, you don’t have any excuse to fail. If you don’t have the money. tell your parents, I know they won’t want you to fail this examination.


Waec Runz 2022 for Commercial Students

Below is the price list for our 2022 Waec runz expo for Commercial students:

Full Package Subscription


Per Subject Subscription

  • ENGLISH: N1,000
  • OTHER SUBJECTS: N600 each.

How to Subscribe for Waec 2022 Exam Runz as an Commercial Student

Subscribing to Expobite Waec exam runz is very simple than other sites out there, just follow the below steps:

  1. Choose your desired package (either daily or 9 subjects package)
  2. Buy MTN airtime worth that amount and send to us on WhatsApp or recharge us from your bank. Our phone number to recharge is 07062154881, thats same number to WhatsApp us with.
  3. Send us list of your subject immediately after the transfer and make sure you send us screenshot of debit alert if you recharged us from your bank.
  4. We will confirm your subscription immediately.

NOTE: Answers will be delivered to you at 12 midnight.


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