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Waec Computer 2021 Answers for 23th August 2021

Waec Computer 2021 Answers: Waec Computer Studies Obj & Essay Answers 2021, Waec Computer Studies Expo 2021, Waec Computer Studies Runs 2021/2022, Waec Computer Studies Questions and Answers 2021, Waec Computer Studies Obj /Essay Expo 2021/2022 Waec Computer Studies Runz 2021, Free Waec Computer Studies Practical, Answers to Computer Studies questions 2021.

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Waec 2021/2022 Computer Studies Obj & Essay Questions and Answers, Waec 2021/2022 Computer Studies Obj & Essay Questions and Answers, Waec 2021/2022 Computer Studies Obj & Essay Questions and Answers.

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Our Waec questions and answers also contain both Waec 2021 Computer Studies theory questions and also the correct 2021 Waec Computer Studies questions and answers for Objective all in this July/August Waec 2021 Computer Studies question and answer. The questions and answers were sourced from an insider of the Waec African examination council and were confirmed to be accurate by another insider of the West African Examination Council. The Waec Computer Studies questions 2021 also contain the Waec 2021 Computer Studies answers to both theory Questions and Objective questions. There is a need to carefully look into the Waec Computer Studies 2021 questions and answers for all those who want to get there As and make it through in Waec 2021.


Report in data base syterm is the formatted result of database queries and contains useful data for decision-making and analysis.

(i)Database reporting tools allow you to access any database and create reports based upon the stored data.

(ii)Relational databases store data in tabular relations. A database reporting tool typically queries relational databases using SQL over a JDBC or ODBC connection.


(iii)Database reporting on NoSQL big data sources relies on a customized SQL connector, ETL solution, or another native way at accessing data.

(iv)With Logi Report, you have the flexibility to embed reports, dashboards, and visualizations created from any data source.

(i) Click File > Print.

(ii) To preview each page, click the forward and backward arrows at the bottom of the page. If the text is too small to read, use the zoom slider at the bottom of the page to enlarge it.

(iii) Choose the number of copies, and any other options you want, and click the Print button.
First, convert AB1¹⁶ into decimal, by using above steps:
= AB1¹⁶
= A × 162B × 1611 × 160
= 273710
Now, we have to convert 273710 to octal
2737 / 8 = 342 with remainder 1
342 / 8 = 42 with remainder 6
42 / 8 = 5 with remainder 2
5 / 8 = 0 with remainder 5
Then just write down the remainders in the reverse order to get the answer, The hexadecimal number AB1 converted to octal is therefore is equal to 5261

Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^1 = 3
Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^2 = 9
Decimal equivalent of “0” = 0 × 3^3 = 0
Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^4 = 81
Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^5 = 243
Decimal equivalent of “110111” = 243810931
110111 = 337
Now we will convert the fractional part 0.101 to decimal form (Don’t forget that we start from tenths palce to so on..):
Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^-1 = 0.33333333333333
Decimal equivalent of “0” = 0 × 3^-2 = 0
Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^-3 = 0.037037037037037
Decimal equivalent of “0.101” = 0.3333333333333300.037037037037037
0.101 = 0.37037037037037
Here is the final answer, The ternary number 110111.101 converted to decimal is therefore equal to:
= 110111.1013
= 33710 + 0.3703703703703710
= 337.3703703703703710


First, convert 5078 into decimal, by using above steps:
= 5078
= 5 × 820 × 817 × 80
= 32710
Now, we have to convert 32710 to binary
327 / 2 = 163 with remainder 1
163 / 2 = 81 with remainder 1
81 / 2 = 40 with remainder 1
40 / 2 = 20 with remainder 0
20 / 2 = 10 with remainder 0
10 / 2 = 5 with remainder 0
5 / 2 = 2 with remainder 1
2 / 2 = 1 with remainder 0
1 / 2 = 0 with remainder 1
Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a common interface that enables communication between devices and a host controller such as a personal computer (PC) or smartphone.

(i)It is very easy to install USB device and requires only OS (Operating System).
(ii)USB supports different data rates from 1.5 Mbps to 5 Gbps with different distances.

Computer graphics deals with creation, manipulation and storage of different type of images and objects.

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– Choose any 2
i. Computer Art
ii. Computer aided drawing.
iii. Presentation Graphics.

Interactive Fill tool: Interactive Fill tool to color the fish modified in other videos. To apply an interactive fill, click the Interactive Fill tool, click an object, and then drag. To change the fill colors, drag colors from the color palette to the square handles or to the fill path.

Texture Fill tool: A texture fill is a randomly generated fill that you can use to give your objects a natural appearance. You can use existing texture fills, such as water, minerals, and clouds, or you can edit a texture to create your own texture fill. You can use colors from any color model or palette.

Evenlope Tool: Envelope Tool is used to create and manipulate “control points” at various points in the track. The control points then determine its volume changes over time.

Extrude Tool: The Extrude tool is used in conjunction with an existing 2D shape or shapes in the scene. It allows you to create an extruded 3D shape from the selected 2D shape by defining various parameters.

Waec Computer Studies (Obj & Essay) Exam Date 2021

Monday 23rd August 2021

  • Computer Studies 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –3:00pm.
    Computer Studies 1 (Objective) 3:00pm. –4:00pm.

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Waec 2021 Timetable: Waec Timetable 2021 Download PDF

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