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Waec Geography Answers 2022 – 3rd June 2022

Waec Geography Answers 2022. Here are the objective and essay answers for Waec 2022 May/June examination, Geography is one of the underrated subjects in the Waec examination, but believe me, to pass and get an A in this particular subject is not really easy unless you are ready to take the necessary steps, and I think you landed on this page because you want to seek for Waec Geography exam help.

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(i)Road Transportation
(ii)Rail Transportation
(iii)Water Transportation
(iv)Air Transportation


(i) To supply raw materials to other parts of the country e.g East African railway.
(ii) To link important cities and facilitate movement of people e.g. Abidjan Ouagadougou.
(iii) To link different regions, thus, promoting inter-regional trade e.g. North and South of Nigeria.
(iv) To open up new areas for major crop production e.g Jos- Maiduguri
(v)To tap resources such as agricultural,mineral and forest. For example , rail network such as Minna,Laura Namoda rail network
(vi) For the purpose of administration.
(vii) For postal services.

(i)Deliberate effort should be made towards the expansion of the Raul network ,inorder to generate growth in the economy. Effort should be geared towards improvement of the efficiency of the rail network

(ii) Government should make capital available to railway authorities to enhance efficiency. Training and retraining of personnel should be undertaken from time to time

(iii) Development of international rail transport system should be embarked upon to spur international trade. There should be improved management techniques: new innovations in management should be encouraged.

(iv)Adoption of standard gauges is very important , so as to enhance operational efficiency.Also There should be Faster engines and coaches to facilitate east and quick movement.

(v)There should be embarkment to check steep gradients, uniform gauges should be adopted, double tracks should be constructed and There should also be improved communication system.


Urbanization refers to the population shift from rural to urban areas, the corresponding decrease in the proportion of people living in rural areas, and the ways in which societies adapt to this change. WHILE Population density is a measurement of population per unit area, or exceptionally unit volume; it is a quantity of type number density. It is frequently applied to living organisms, most of the time to humans. It is a key geographical term.

(i) High population density: This problem of high population density is caused due to the heavy rate of migration from rural areas. The rapid population growth has led to an acute shortage of dwelling units which resulted to; overcrowding, traffic congestion, pollution, housing shortages, high rents, poor urban living conditions, low infrastructure services, poverty, unemployment, and poor sanitation which has become pervasive and indeed high crime rate.

(ii) Inadequate infrastructures: One major serious aspect of the urban problem is the poor state of the infrastructures. Some developing countries are still faced with bad road network, lack of power supply, inadequate water supply and some basic amenities.

(iii) Lack of affordable housing: This has led to confrontations with well organized squatters, who take over unoccupied buildings to live rent- free or prevent demolitions. Which has brought about, lack of housing vacancy rate, due to the rapid job growth and housing costs that has increased.

(iv) Flooding: Flooding is a very serious problem faced in urban areas, especially in developing countries, during the rainy seasons. The drainage is poorly constructed leading to difficulty in accessing the roads due to the flood leading to the flood disaster in some developing countries.

(i) Building Sustainable and Environmentally-friendly Cities: Governments should pass laws that plan and provide environmentally sound cities and smart growth techniques, considering that people should not reside in unsafe and polluted areas.

(ii) Provision of Essential Services: Urban stakeholders must ensure all populations within the urban areas have access to adequate essential social services namely education, health, sanitation and clean water, technology, electricity, and food.

(iii) Creation of More Jobs: To lessen the negative effects of rapid urbanization while at the same time conserving natural ecosystems, private investments should be encouraged so as to utilize natural resources and create more job opportunities.

(iv) Population Control: Key stakeholders in urban areas must provide campaigns and counseling for effective medical health clinics and family planning to help reduce the high rates of population growth.


1. Low level technology

2. Produce craft and cherished works of art

3. Bought as presents and souvenirs by tourists

4. Uses local raw materials

5. Small sized establishment and

6. Until recently, non-electrical powered.

(i) The Local Craft industries are often affected by lack of raw materials which hinders the production.
(ii) Poor patronage from the indigenes as a result of poor finishing and low purchasing power.
(iii) Lack of modern equipment to reduce the physical human labour in order to increase production.
(iv) Problem of transportation to bring the finished products from where that are produced in the interior to the markets in the urban centers.

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Waec Geography Answers 2022 (Essay, Objective, Practical, and Physical)



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Waec Geography Questions and Answers 2022

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Waec Geography 2022 Exam Date

The Waec Geography 2022 examination has been scheduled to hold on Friday 3rd June 2022 from 9:30 am to 4:50 pm for both essay, objective, practical, and physical geography.

Friday, 3rd June 2022

  • Geography 2 (Essay) 09:30am – 11:30am
  • Geography 1(Objective) 11:30am – 12:30pm
  • Geography 3(Practical and Physical Geography) 3:00 pm – 4:50 pm

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Past Geography Questions and Answers Provided by Expobite

We have been in this since 2014 till date and all these years we have been providing exam candidates with the correct answers to all their exams, below, I will be sharing with you answers from past exams posted here on


Frank Ogbeche Portrayed Ogeyi as a “Born again Christian”.
Ogeyi in the play is a slim fair complexioned and average in height. She is deep rooted in religion and religious matters. One can say that she is a religious fanatic. Her religious and Christian life was illustrated numerous times. Ogeyi in the play vowed to maintain strict Christian and religious doctrines. Thus she was a receptionist in ABC company, but her deligence and decipline to work was outstanding. Ogeyi throughout the play acts religiously and wisely. Her religious life was so much rated in how she would not want anything evil to happen to Aloho even when she is proving adamant to advice. Ogeyi’s religious and Christian life made so brave thus she showed her commitment to maintain strict Christian and religious life in her confession at the police station to ACP Yakubu and Inaku. And her refusal to go any where in order to testify against Chief Halada Ade-Amaka and his cohorts. In court Ogeyi religious and Christian life was also illustrated in the fact that she has been in Jabu before Alho and has seen what ladies in Jabu do for connection and money but refuses to conform to such disdainful act in order to maintain her religious and Christian lifestyle. In a nutshell I can vividly say that Ogeyi is a true and direct contrast to Aloho. Ogeyi illustrated her religious life be accommodation in that she allows Aloho to squat in the same house with her at a place called Panya. Ogeyi has absolute faith, trust and confidence in God. She so believes that in any situation no matter how precarious it may be, God will eventually overturn it. Her excellent advice and sincere warning to Aloho clearly portrays her strong faith in God. Ogeyi has a sincere heart, good upbringing and a promising future.

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(Answer ONLY ONE Question From This Section)
Mrs Johnson contributed heavily in making the play’ A raising in the sun’ a hilarious one. She is like like the neighbour that creates laughter in most plays
She is gifted at getting free food out of her neighbours,the youngers. She appear on stage for few minutes and she succeed in getting coffee and a piece of PTE .she looks “pretty” and “slick”
She serves as the instrument of comic relief but brings darker tone to the play . she walks up with a newspaper that hints that a black family residing in a white neighborhood has currently been bombed out of their house
Despite of her outward friendly disposition to the youngers,she feel repulsive towards them
She reasons out that the youngers, suppose that they are too good to live in the mostly black vicinity anymore
Mrs Johnson almost appears to enjoy disseminating the news that a black family was bombed by the racist whites.she abandoned the paper in the youngers house on her way out.
she is used by the playwright in telling the youngers the hard realities that awaits them for being the first black to move into Claybourne park.
She has a genuine intention in warning the younger’s but her manner of approach is offensive.
Mrs Johnson’s bomb story depicts her insensitivity and unkindness.
Majorly , Mrs Johnson shows the feeling of resentment that some black felt when others began to climb the social economy ladder.
The paper Mrs Johnson left in the younger’s apartment serves as evidence that will blame the latter for their rash decision of trying to live in white neighborhood.

(Answer ONLY ONE Question From This Section)
The poet’s selected use of words is highly contributory to the success of the poem. As a poem whose metaphorical import is very important to it’s appreciation, some words and phrases appear deliberately and and appropriately employed to help the effective delivery of its message. Some examples include “giant” sabre toothed, “shudder home”, “bayonets of tribulation”, “unceasing disaster” and so on. The word giant is deployed to underscore the enormity of size and might of the state. In a way, the word also provides suggestive information about the setting of the poem. It hints at the spar setting being Nigeria because Nigeria is often referred to as “the giant of Africa” due to the population size. The phrase “sabre-toothed” recalls a kind of tiger with sword-like teeth, which is meant to point at the possible effect of a bite or attack from such an animal or its metaphorical referent. While the phrase “bayonets of tribulation” similarly draws attention to the sharp-edged form of violence and other challenges faced by the commoners, “shudders home” comments on their intimidation. The word “unceasing” in “unceasing disaster” clearly emphasizes the despair attending the situation. The title word “Ambush” on its part, suggests the idea that the victims of the realities in the land are either caught unawares or the perpetrators carefully planned carry out their design as wished. The choice of animals used as metaphors for the land is also carefully made to reflect the three main natural abodes of animals viz: land, sky and water. This suggests a total control of every space by the metaphorical referents.

(Answer ONLY ONE Question From This Section)
The poem, “pulley” by George Herbert is one that showcases the omniscience of God.
In the first stanza, God in the course of making man said viva-vox “a glass of blessing” standing by thus”, let us pour, pour on him (man) all we can, “Let the world riches which despise lie, contract into a span”. Here God says orally in the course of making man, that his sequels-(the trinity) should join him in blessing man by making all other creation/creatures which lie in the world to come under man’s control. Hence, God’s blessing of dominating and subduing the earth to man, as well as that of reproducing their kind on earth . These made him to give man “strength”, “beauty”, “wisdom”, “honour” and “pleasure”.
But rest lies in the base of God’s belly because it is a treasure God will use as the “pulley” to make man not to forget Him, Accordingly, if God gives man rest — life devoid of trouble which God sees as a “jewelry’, man would adore God’s gifts instead of God. Again man will Rest (depend) on Nature other creation, not the God of Nature, hence God will lose both man and other creation.
Moreover, God decided that he should keep all other blessings (the rest).He showered on him but have them with brain storming (repining restlessness). Hence man According to God will be rich (have all things) and be weary (unhappy), so that if man does not have a stroke of luck and is not fortunate in the course of trying to forget God, weariness may toss him(man) back to my Breast(God).
In conclusion the poem explores God’s Sagacious nature over man.

Walter As Mama’s only son, Ruth’s defiant husband, Travis’s caring father, and Beneatha’s belligerent brother, Walter serves as both protagonist and antagonist of the play. The plot revolves around him and the actions that he takes, and his character evolves the most during the course of the play. Most of his actions and mistakes hurt the family greatly, but his belated rise to manhood makes him a sort of hero in the last scene.

Throughout the play, Walter provides an everyman perspective of the mid-twentieth-century African-American male. He is the typical man of the family who struggles to support it and who tries to discover new, better schemes to secure its economic prosperity. Difficulties and barriers that obstruct his and his family’s progress to attain that prosperity constantly frustrate Walter. He believes that money will solve all of their problems, but he is rarely successful with money.

Walter often fights and argues with Ruth, Mama, and Beneatha. Far from being a good listener, he does not seem to understand that he must pay attention to his family members’ concerns in order to help them. Eventually, he realizes that he cannot raise the family up from poverty alone, and he seeks strength in uniting with his family. Once he begins to listen to Mama and Ruth express their dreams of owning a house, he realizes that buying the house is more important for the family’s welfare than getting rich quickly. Walter finally becomes a man when he stands up to Mr. Lindner and refuses the money that Mr. Lindner offers the family not to move in to its dream house in a white neighborhood.

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(5a)The writer actively took part in making Mr. Francis

(5b)The students were funds of playing pranks because they thought Mr. Francis was weak.

(5c)The principal checked the writer’s academic records

(5d)The principal was surprised because his academic record spoke well of him.

(5e)Their performance was poor because they didn’t pay attention in class

(i)Non Clause
(ii)Compliments the pronoun “Those”

(5g)Mr. Francis changed their attitude by not participating in cheating, and yet do well.

Refined – cultured
Pranks – practical jokes
Puzzled – perplexed
Sentence – Punishment
Retaliation – revenge
Considerably – appreciably

(i)Infant mortality can be reduced by exclusively breastfeeding infants for at least six months
(ii)Infant mortality can be reduced by maintaining good hygiene.
(iii)It can also be reduced by improving the diet of infants with Vitamin A

(i)A disease-free environment is possible by using clean water.
(ii)It is also possible by using latrines.
(iii)An environment will be free of diseases if food is stored properly.

Waec geography questions 2022 – My Scholarship Baze,

Today’s WAEC Geography Questions 2022 With Answers


3 Blessing Close,
Bonsaac, Asaba.
12th November, 2020.

Dear Sophia,
I received the news of your admission with great excitement. I am very glad you made the merit list; it shows you have been up and doing about your academic work. Dad was so impressed and full of praise for you when he called me on phone. I am aware you have started already. How are you doing? Hope you are coping?
I’d like to tell you a few things about the school. Firstly, you are lucky the school has moved to a new location which is nearer to the house. So you won’t have issues with transportation. As you may have seen already, the compound is very big enough to accommodate a standard sporting field. During exam period, I used to prefer there for reading because it is usually less crowded with no noise.
The school is very competitive. For instance, if a student failed either Mathematics or English, he or she would be promoted on trial, provided more than half of the other subjects were passed. Failing both key subjects is usually an outright repetition of that class. And when it occurs again, it will be expulsion. So, it is very important you maintain your academic tempo; and if possible, try to improve it because you will be studying with sound students from different academic backgrounds.
Secondly, I am proud of the caliber of teachers in that school – always willing to impart and are disciplined too. Always endeavour to listen in class and write only when it is time for writing. Ask questions for clarity. Any other issues you might have, chat me up via mummy’s WhatsApp line.
I wish you well in your academics. Try to be among the top ten. I hope to hear from you soon of your progress.
Take care!
Yours truly,

Report in data base syterm is the formatted result of database queries and contains useful data for decision-making and analysis.

(i)Database reporting tools allow you to access any database and create reports based upon the stored data.

(ii)Relational databases store data in tabular relations. A database reporting tool typically queries relational databases using SQL over a JDBC or ODBC connection.

(iii)Database reporting on NoSQL big data sources relies on a customized SQL connector, ETL solution, or another native way at accessing data.

(iv)With Logi Report, you have the flexibility to embed reports, dashboards, and visualizations created from any data source.

(i) Click File > Print.

(ii) To preview each page, click the forward and backward arrows at the bottom of the page. If the text is too small to read, use the zoom slider at the bottom of the page to enlarge it.

(iii) Choose the number of copies, and any other options you want, and click the Print button.
First, convert AB1¹⁶ into decimal, by using above steps:
= AB1¹⁶
= A × 162B × 1611 × 160
= 273710
Now, we have to convert 273710 to octal
2737 / 8 = 342 with remainder 1
342 / 8 = 42 with remainder 6
42 / 8 = 5 with remainder 2
5 / 8 = 0 with remainder 5
Then just write down the remainders in the reverse order to get the answer, The hexadecimal number AB1 converted to octal is therefore is equal to 5261

Waec Geography Practical Answers 2022 – 3rd June 2022

Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^1 = 3
Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^2 = 9
Decimal equivalent of “0” = 0 × 3^3 = 0
Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^4 = 81
Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^5 = 243
Decimal equivalent of “110111” = 243810931
110111 = 337
Now we will convert the fractional part 0.101 to decimal form (Don’t forget that we start from tenths palce to so on..):
Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^-1 = 0.33333333333333
Decimal equivalent of “0” = 0 × 3^-2 = 0
Decimal equivalent of “1” = 1 × 3^-3 = 0.037037037037037
Decimal equivalent of “0.101” = 0.3333333333333300.037037037037037
0.101 = 0.37037037037037
Here is the final answer, The ternary number 110111.101 converted to decimal is therefore equal to:
= 110111.1013
= 33710 + 0.3703703703703710
= 337.3703703703703710


First, convert 5078 into decimal, by using above steps:
= 5078
= 5 × 820 × 817 × 80
= 32710
Now, we have to convert 32710 to binary
327 / 2 = 163 with remainder 1
163 / 2 = 81 with remainder 1
81 / 2 = 40 with remainder 1
40 / 2 = 20 with remainder 0
20 / 2 = 10 with remainder 0
10 / 2 = 5 with remainder 0
5 / 2 = 2 with remainder 1
2 / 2 = 1 with remainder 0
1 / 2 = 0 with remainder 1

WAEC Geography Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Obj

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a common interface that enables communication between devices and a host controller such as a personal computer (PC) or smartphone.

(i)It is very easy to install USB device and requires only OS (Operating System).
(ii)USB supports different data rates from 1.5 Mbps to 5 Gbps with different distances.

Computer graphics deals with creation, manipulation and storage of different type of images and objects.

– Choose any 2
i. Computer Art
ii. Computer aided drawing.
iii. Presentation Graphics.

WAEC Geography Objectives Questions and Answers

Interactive Fill tool: Interactive Fill tool to color the fish modified in other videos. To apply an interactive fill, click the Interactive Fill tool, click an object, and then drag. To change the fill colors, drag colors from the color palette to the square handles or to the fill path.

Texture Fill tool: A texture fill is a randomly generated fill that you can use to give your objects a natural appearance. You can use existing texture fills, such as water, minerals, and clouds, or you can edit a texture to create your own texture fill. You can use colors from any color model or palette.

Evenlope Tool: Envelope Tool is used to create and manipulate “control points” at various points in the track. The control points then determine its volume changes over time.

Extrude Tool: The Extrude tool is used in conjunction with an existing 2D shape or shapes in the scene. It allows you to create an extruded 3D shape from the selected 2D shape by defining various parameters.

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Waec Geography 2022 questions and answers.


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