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(i)Enthalpy of combustion can be defined as the amount of heat evolved when one mole of a substance burns in air or oxygen

(ii) Isomerism can be defined as a phenomenon in which organic compounds are having the same molecular formula but different structural formula

NO2 – Acidic oxide
CO – Neutral oxide
Fe2O3 – Basic oxide
Al2O3 – Amphoteric oxide

(i)Nitrous oxide
(ii)Carbon (iv) oxide

(i) Fractional distillation of liquid air

(ii) 2KNO3 —–> 2KNO2(s) + O2(g)

(NH)CO3(s) ——>2NH3(g) + CO2(g) + H2O(g)

(iii) No. of molecules = 4/16 × 6.02 × 10²³
= 1.5 × 10²³


(i)Carbon (iv) oxide


Gay Lussac’s states that when gaese react, they do so in volume which bear a simple whole number ratio to one another and to the volume of their products.

2CO + O2 —-> 2CO2
2 1 2
100cm³ 70cm³ 100cm³

Total volume = 100+70+100 = 270cm³

(i)It is used in the production of other chemical substances
(ii)It is used as a drying or dehydrating agent

(i) ZnCO3 —–> ZnO + CO2

– High temperature
– High pressure

(ii) ZnO + H2SO4 —-> ZnSO4 + H2

– Catalyst
– Surface area

(i) Crystallization method
(ii) By heating the ZnSO4 with an alkali metal carbonate

(i) This is due to the presence of extra electrons not used for bonding graphite
(ii) This is because sodium salts are soluble and double decomposition is used for the production of insoluble salts
(iii) It is an alkali substance ie possesses basic properties

(i)Bitumen coal
(ii)Peat coal

Fractional distillation

(i)Molecules of gases are in constant random motion
(ii)The collision of gases is perfectly elastic
(iii)An increase in temperature leads to an increase in the average kinetic energy of the molecules of gases

(i)They both turn blue litmus paper red
(ii)They both dissolve in water to produce an acid



Activation energy can be defined as the minimum energy required for a reaction to occur.

Catalyst lowers activation energy


(i)Sodium trioxocarbonate (iv)
(ii)Hydrogen gas

(i)It reacts with metals to liberate hydrogen
(ii)It reacts with base to produce salt and water only

(i) 2KI + 2Cl2 —-> 2Kl2 + I2

(ii) 2Zn + Cl2 —–> 2ZnCl


Covalent bond

(i) Butane
(ii) Propene
(iii) Ethanol
(iv) Ethyne

(i) Base has bitter taste
(ii) Base is soapy to touch
(iii) Base turns litmus paper blue

The steps involved are:
(i)Shift conversion
(ii)Removal of carbon (iv) oxide
(iii)Steam reforming

Cracking is the process by which heavier hydrocarbon molecule is splitted into two or more lighter molecules

Thermal cracking

P ion = 1s²2s²2p⁶

Formula of chloride is Pcl2

Reducing agent
This is because it undergoes oxidation by losing electrons

Electron affinity is the energy released when a gaseous atom gains an electron to form a gaseous negative ion.

This is because it has lone pairs of electrons

(i) By adding a catalyst

(ii) FeS(s) + 2HCl(g) —–> FeCl(g) + H2S(s)

Xg = ?
No. of FeCl2 = 127g/mole
No. of FeS= 88g/mole

Mole = Mass/ No. of Mass = 3.2/127 = 0.025mole of FeCl2

By comparison,
1 mole of FeS = 1 mole of FeCl2
X moles of FeS = 0.025 of FeCl2
X = 0.025mole of FeS

Mass = Mole * molar mass
Mass = 0.025*88
Mass = 2.2g of FeS
X = 2.2g


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